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The opinions and evaluations stated here in are only the author’s and cannot be construed to reflect those of any Government agency, company, institute or association. It is based on public information, circumstantial evidence, informed speculation, and declassified U.S. intelligence community documents, official US government documents and histories, oral histories, interviews and engineering analysis. As with all data regarding the intelligence programs of the US intelligence community, this analysis is subject to revision--and represents a work in progress.

USAF Photo Last Titan-4B carrying the Advanced Crysyal-5 RECSAT spacecraft

The President George Bush Library, CIA tenure exhibit Enlightens.

Photography by C. P. Vick

All of the displayed model details seem to mimic the known spacecraft hardware details and its known design envelop.

This head on view below of the front of the Advanced KH spacecraft model exhibits displays it's ability to mimic the background it is imaging through its black louver photo window off set camera system.

Rotating off from the imaging the spacecraft still exhibits this ability to reflect its imaging target on its surface features.

When exposed to the lights or Sun its true exhibit colors are revealed along with other configuration details

While the lighting becomes more intense in certain parts of the exhibit its light bulb in the sky effect of its spacecraft external features become apparent.

Close up details not merely reveal the louver grill design details but that the range finder that sees the lighting conditions of the point of interest first has been replaced by the heavy slide motion projection machine displaying a kind of global ground track to the floor. The spacecraft actually sit about 10-30 degrees from the vertical with the bus end up facing space while the camera front end is facing the earth.

This image shows what is projected onto the floor of the exhibit.

This image above shows how one can see through the louver display in addition to the underside of the known solar arrays and some of the Bus-1 derivation details.

This unique above view shows additional radiator surfaces on the top spine of the spacecraft near the bus as well as above the motion projector top side.

This view of the familiar other side of the spacecraft gives greater details of the white aluminum colored bus skin. It does not show the hatches used for sub satellite or other experimental, and or operations equipment.

More details on the satellite to satellite communications link to earth is displayed on the dish shown above the rear bus.

This dramatic view of the bus details reveals that the lower side two silver colored engines are indeed off set from the centerline because of the off set multi-mirror imaging system very different from the Hubble Space Telescope design layout. Towards the center are the three black colored astronavigation imagery acquisition cones. That are in turn topped by the satellite to satellite communications dish. Around the black circle base of the bus are the attitude control thruster packages along with the cone shaped antennas. It's mirror like radiator and black sensor hatches are partially revealed in this view of the bus skin.


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