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Hawk Specifications


Service Marine Corps
Contractor Raytheon
Mission surface-to-air missile defense
Length 12.5 feet (3.81 meters)
Diameter 13.5 inches (3.84 centimeters)
Weight 1400 pounds (635 kilograms)
Range Officially: 14.9 miles (24 kilometers)
40 km, in excess of 20 NM
Speed Officially: Supersonic
800 m/sec, in excess of mach 2.4
Altitude Officially: 30,000 feet (9.14 kilometers)
in excess of 60 KFT
Propulsion Solid propellant rocket motor
Guidance system Radar directed semi-active homing
Warheads One 300 pound (136.2 kg) high explosive missile
Type of fire Operator directed/automatic modes
Magazine capacity 48 missiles/battery
Missile guidance Semi-active homing
Target detection Continuous wave radar and pulse acquisition radars
Target tracking High power illuminating continuous wave radar and passive optical
Rate of fire 1 missile every 3 seconds
Basic load on vehicle 3 missile towed launcher
Reaction time, sec 35
Reload time 10 min
Emplace/displace time (min) 45 min emplacement
Sensors High power continuous wave radar (HIPIR)
Continuous wave acquisition radar (CWAR)
Pulse Acquisition Radar (PAR) and passive optical scan
Detection range, km 80
Transport C-130/C-141/C-5 and heavy lift helo (extended load)
Deployment One Light Antiaircraft Missile Battalion in each Marine Air Control Group of each Marine Air Wing (two active, one Reserve).

Firing Platoon: 2 Fire sections of
up to 3 Launchers per (1) PAR and (1) CWAR
3 missiles per launcher

Units 2 active duty and 1 reserve Light Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
Crew Officer: 2
Enlisted: 49
Program status Operational
First capability Air Defense - 1962
Missile Defense -
Quantity total inventory is 37,000 missiles
Development cost
Production cost
Total acquisition cost
Acquisition unit cost
Production unit cost
Unit Replacement Cost $250,000 per missile
$15 million per fire unit
$30 million per battery

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