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AN/TPS-59 Specifications

Operational Description



 The AN/TPS-59(V)3 is a transportable 3-dimensional L-band radar that provides ABT and IFF target reports to the Tactical Air Operations Module (TAOM) within the Tactical Air Operation Center (TAOC).  TBM targets are provided to the Air Defense Control Platform (ADCP).  The Radar can be configured to track and report primarily ABT's, primarily TBM's, or a combination of both ABT's and TBM's.  The Radar can perform each mission within a specified azimuth sector, provided the sector(s) cover 360 degrees.

AN/TPS-59(V)3 Radars are operated by Marine Air Control Squadrons (MACS's) and exist in a support role at the Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School (MCCES), the Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA) and the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB), Barstow.

Technical Characteristics



Radar Frequency:

Peak Power / Duty Cycle:

Azimuth Coverage:

Maximum Range:

Elevation Coverage:

Maximum Altitude:

Antenna Rotation (Data) Rate:

Minimum Target 
Radar Cross Section:

Maximum Target Speeds:

Processing Capability per Scan:

Mean Time Before Failure:

Mean Time To Repair:

Computer Platforms:


Computer Languages:

Other Characteristics:

1215-1400 MHz

46 KW / 25%

360 degrees

300 nmi (ABT's)
400 nmi (TBM's)

0-19 degrees (ABT's)
0-60 degrees (TBM's)

100 K feet (ABT's)
1000 K feet (TBM's)

6 RPM (10 sec) or
12 RPM (5 sec)

0.1   sq meters

Mach 7

500 ABT's / 50

2000 hours

35 min

Sun Ultra 2
Harris Nighthawk
Motorola 68040
Skybolt i860

Ada and C

Online Performance Monitoring and Fault Location (PMFL)

Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM)

Frequency Agility

External Interfaces


TAOM(V)1  -  ABT's, IFF

TAOM(V)4  -  ABT's, IFF

ADCP          -  TBM's

External Interfaces under

TAOM(V)4   -  TBM's

Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC)  -  ABT's,  TBM's, IFF

Program Perspective

Full Operating Capability (FOC) for the AN/TPS-59(V)3 Radar was achieved in Oct 99 with the final delivery of 11 systems.  The Life Cycle System Acquisition and Support contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin Corp, Syracuse, NY, in Mar 00.

Related Systems



Radar Environmental Simulator (RES)
A prototype RES was built during the development of the TPS-59(V)3 to enable comprehensive test and evaluation of the Radar.  Production units are completed and available to the operating forces in support of Radar testing and Theater Missile Defense (TMD) operations training at MCTSSA.

Theater Missile Defense System Exerciser (TMDSE)  Currently in testing  is a TMDSE Remote Environment that interfaces to the TPS-59(V)3 RES.  The RES/TMDSE interface enables Radar system participation in simulated TBM tracking exercises with the national test facility.

Portable Autonomous Radar Collection System (PARCS)  PARCS is a ruggedized laptop used to record, playback, and analyze data on the various TPS-59(V)3 external interfaces.

HAWK Launch,
August 21, 1996 (35K)

HAWK Launch Versus LANCE,
December 7-8, 1996 (62K)

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