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Initiatives on the TECHNOLOGY- RDT&E Road Map (U):

Active ImagingActive Imaging
Advanced Laser ProgramsAdvanced Laser Programs
Airborne Laser Beam ControlAirborne Laser Beam Control Technology
Assessments and SurvivabilityAssessments and Survivabiltiy
Chemical Laser TechnologyChemical Laser Technology
Component DevelopmentComponent Development
Dynamic SystemsDynamic Systems
EM Effects and HardeningElectromagnetic (EM) Effects and Hardening
Ground-Based Laser Beam ControlGround-Based Laser Beam Control Technology
Integrated Tech DemonstrationsIntegrated Technology Demonstrations
Ionospheric Effects on COMMIonospheric Effects on Communication/Navigation Systems
Missile Nav & Re-Entry VehiclesMissile Navigation and Re-entry Vehicles
Modeling and SimulationModeling and Simulation
Optical Component TechnologyOptical Component Technology
Passive ImagingPassive Imaging
Propellant DevelopmentPropellant Development
Remote OpticalRemote Optical
Satellite ControlSatellite Control
Science & Technology ExperimentsScience & Technology Experiments
Semiconductor and Solid StateSemiconductor and Solid State Laser Technology
Source ComponentsSource Components
Space Effects on Sat. Sys.Space Effects on Satellite Systems
Space PowerSpace Power
Space SensorsSpace Sensors
Spacecraft PropulsionSpacecraft Propulsion
Structural SystemsStructural Systems
Tactical PropulsionTactical Propulsion
Target Acquisition for CombatTarget Acquisition for Combat Operations
Target Background DisseminationTarget-Background Discrimination for Surveillance
Technology InfrastructureTechnology Infrastructure
Weapons ApplicationsWeapons Applications
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Requirements, Funding and Additional Hotlinks (U):

Defense Budget-2000
1997 Force Enhancement STW
1998 Strategic Master Plan
FY 2000/2001 Air Force Budget
SAF/AQ Homepage
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Last Road Map Update (U):

(U) 25 March 1999

(U) Road Map Production Date: 12 July 1999

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