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June 1998 Space News

  • Hamre: Ancient Tactics, Modern Strategy By Linda D. Kozaryn American Forces Press Service 30 June 1998 -- The Defense Department is taking more steps to protect service members and folks at home from the growing threat of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, according to John Hamre.
  • Anthrax Shots Needle Troops, Protection Is Upshot By Douglas J. Gillert American Forces Press Service 30 June 1998 -- In December 1997, DoD announced plans to inoculate all service members -- including future recruits -- with the six-shot regimen. The course of shots requires 18 months to complete.
  • Future Perils Call for Allied Effort American Forces News Service 28 June 1998 -- Defense officials have also launched a new program dubbed "homebase defense" to protect citizens at home. National Guard teams are being trained to identify, diagnose and contain chemical and biological weapon attacks.
  • Russia fears the Vardo radar Inge Sellevåg Bergens Tidende June 27, 1998
  • Directed Energy Study Kicks Off Air Force Research Laboratory, Office of Public Affairs - June 26, 1998 - DE RELEASE NO. 98-32 - Looking at new airborne uses for laser weapons is among the aims of a new Air Force study that kicked off recently, headed by retired Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman.
  • Irate Senate Supporters of the 'AEGIS Option' for Missile Defense Demand Release of Favorable Pentagon Study Center for Security Policy DECISION BRIEF No. 98-D 119 25 June 1998 -- In the course of Senate debate on the Fiscal Year 1999 Defense Authorization bill, Senators Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and John Warner (R-VA)(1) -- raised hell about the Clinton Administration's apparent, deliberate withholding of a study that addresses the contribution that the Navy's AEGIS fleet air defense system could make to national missile defense.
  • Critical Mass: The Republican Party Joins Burgeoning Effort to Defend America Center for Security Policy DECISION BRIEF No. 98-D 116 22 June 1998 -- Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson Sunday invited "President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and other Democrats to join [the Republican Party] and make safeguarding America [against ballistic missile attack] a bipartisan project." In his op.ed. article published in the Washington Times, Chairman Nicholson solemnly declared: "If they will not, the Republican Party is prepared to have this become a political issue."
  • Theater Missile Defense: A Limited Capability Is Needed by Charles V. Peña Cato Policy Analysis No. 309 June 22, 1998 -- There is no need to acquire all the systems in the current TMD program. Theater High-Altitude Area Defense is designed primarily to protect allies and other friendly nations. Medium Extended Air Defense System is plagued with fiscal uncertainty. The Airborne Laser is fraught with technical uncertainty. Eliminating those systems would save an estimated $30 billion. A "common-sense" approach is to acquire the Navy Area Defense and the Navy Theaterwide Defense (with a wider area of defense) systems to provide TMD capability for U.S. forces. To protect important military targets that might be beyond sea-based TMD systems, the transportable PAC-3 system should also be acquired.
  • Missile Defense Imperatives By Jim Nicholson The Washington Times 21 June 1998 Rogue nations like Iran may not find the logic of MAD persuasive. And clearly MAD has no application where terrorist organizations are concerned. The obvious alternative is for the U.S. government to do its job and provide for the national security by building a shield to protect us from nuclear missile attack.
  • Galactic Radiation and Background (GRAB) Satellite Declassified - NRL Press Release 41-98r June 17, 1998
  • Prepared Remarks at the Naval Research Laboratory 75th Anniversary Event By Mr. Keith Hall, Director of the National Reconnaissance Office 17 June 1998
  • National Guard preparing for the worst by Master Sgt. Bob Haskell (Army News Service, June 15, 1998) -- National Guard officials were all ears as experts from across the country studied the ways and means of dealing with weapons of mass destruction June 8 and 9 here.
  • The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the End of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty: A Memorandum of Law Prepared for The Heritage Foundation By David B. Rivkin, Jr., Lee A. Casey, and Darin R. Bartram -- Hunton & Williams June 15, 1998 A comprehensive review of both domestic and international shows that the United States no longer is bound by the treaty. The treaty expired when the only other treaty partner, the Soviet Union, ceased to exist. If the Clinton Administration wishes to revive the ABM Treaty with Russia or some of the other states that emerged from the collapse of the USSR as partners, it must submit the agreements to the Senate for its advice and consent.
  • First satellite-flying unit inactivated : Jun 12, 1998 -- The 6th Space Operations Squadron inactivated June 11 at Offutt. The squadron controlled the workhorse weather-satellite system of the U.S. military -- the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, known as DMSP.
  • Personnel Most Exposed to Get Anthrax Vaccine First By Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service 12 June 1998 -- Service members most vulnerable to an anthrax attack will be the first inoculated against the biological weapon, the Army's top doctor said here recently.
  • Force Protection Covers All Aspects of Troop Health By Douglas J. Gillert American Forces Press Service 12 June 1998 -- In the anthrax vaccination program, we're spending a great deal of time explaining to people why we're doing this. Anthrax is a kind of poster child for force health protection.
  • Air Force test laser technology for use on warplanes, The Associated Press June 12, 1998 -- The Air Force says it has successfully conducted its first tests of a laser designed for warplanes to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles, an important first step toward launching an airborne defense system within a decade.
  • MEMORANDUM FOR CORRESPONDENTS No. 099-M -- June 12, 1998 -- The Department of Defense announced today the possible sale to the Government of Israel of PATRIOT Missile System equipment including three AN/MPQ-53 radar sets, three AN/MSQ-104 engagement control stations, three M983 tractors, nine M931A2 trucks, and other equipment. The estimated cost is $73 million.
  • The Tide Rises Further: Bill Safire Calls for Missile Defense Center for Security Policy DECISION BRIEF No. 98-D 105 11 June 1998 : Today New York Times syndicated columnist William Safire, weighed in with a powerful call for defending America against missile attack. Mr. Safire describes -- with characteristic eloquence and intellectual verve -- the changed circumstances that have made the deployment of effective national missile defenses a question of when, not if.
  • Stop the 'Incoming!' By William Safire The New York Times 11 June 1998 -- Even within the Clinton Defense Department, support is growing for deploying the Navy's Aegis fleet air defense system, a step toward serious missile defense. Secretary Bill Cohen's choice for chief technical adviser, the former NASA hand Hans Mark, was welcomed last week by Senate Armed Services as the harbinger of a new Administration attitude toward countering missile dangers. The center of gravity in the old "Star Wars" debate has moved. Ronald Reagan turns out not to have been deranged on defense -- only ahead of his time.
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense John J. Hamre DoD News Briefing Thursday, June 11, 1998 " We believe that there was no more important national security mission that we faced in the next decade than threat reduction and counter proliferation and we were poorly organized to deal with it.... So we set about the process of creating this new organization called the Defense Threat Reduction Agency....
  • Missile Defense: Ending U.S. Vulnerability Issues '98: The Candidate's Briefing Book The most dangerous security threat facing the United States today comes from long-range, nuclear-armed missiles that could reach U.S. soil from locations around the world. The danger stems not only from the fact that these weapons are the most destructive man has ever created, but also from the decision by American leaders to adopt a posture of purposeful vulnerability to these weapons.
  • Lockheed Martin announces EELV launch site plans June 10, 1998 Lockheed Martin Astronautics News Release - Lockheed Martin Astronautics announced plans to develop new launch facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL, and Vandenberg Air force Base, CA for the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELV).
  • Rising Tide: Who Will Catch the Wave of the Growing Demand for the Prompt Deployment of U.S. Missile Defenses? Center for Security Policy DECISION BRIEF No. 98-D 104 10 June 1998 : In recent days, some of the finest minds in the United States have used the editorial pages of the Nation's leading newspapers to make a strikingly similar appeal: The time has come to deploy effective national defenses against the growing threat posed by ballistic missile-borne weapons of mass destruction.
  • DoD Drill Tests Response to Terrorist Attack -- 08 June 1998 -- American Forces Press Service -- The "terrorist attack" on the Pentagon May 30 was exercise Cloudy Office, which simulated an armed assault on the office of Defense Secretary William Cohen. The exercise of Pentagon force protection measures and the responsiveness of civilian emergency services involved more than 500 people from federal, state and local agencies.
  • PRESIDENT REQUESTS ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR PROTECTION AGAINST BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL TERRORISM -- 08 June 1998 -- As part of the Administration's ongoing fight against terrorism, President Clinton has asked the Congress to provide an additional $294 million to deter and respond to terrorist incidents involving the use of biological or chemical weapons.
  • DoD News Briefing - 04 June 1998 -- Recently you held some drills on the possibility of biological/chemical attacks here in the United States. But what is the Pentagon or the Department of Defense doing to prepare for such an attack? Would it be possible? What are you doing to prevent such an attack?
  • Air Force turns over weather satellite control to NOAA: Jun 2, 1998 (AFNS) -- Air Force Space Command and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration combined operations of their separate weather satellite systems into a single system May 29.
  • Army, Navy, and Marines join hands in air warfare -- June 1998 -- The Navy's Cooperative Engagement Capability, or CEC, Program Office, the Army's Space and Missile Defense Command's Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, or JLENS, Project Office, and the Marine Corps' CEC ashore node successfully demonstrated tomorrow's technology today during Joint Task Force Exercise 98-2.

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