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October 2005 News

  1. Newest Bombs Pose Major Threat to U.S. Troops in Iraq By Martha Raddatz ABC News.com October 31, 2005 -- "Basically you are taking about a molten jet of metal coming in one side of the vehicle, going straight through everything in its path in the vehicle," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based defense, space and intelligence policy group.
  2. Sandia software could help border security By Benjamin Pimentel San Francisco Chronicle October 31, 2005 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a security think-tank, said the software seeks to address a major problem: the porous nature of U.S. borders.
  3. NSA cuts don't worry Maryland officials By Laura Cadiz The Baltimore Sun October 28, 2005 -- Security analyst John Pike of Globalsecurity.org estimated that increased funding for human spying likely would come from elsewhere in the overall $45 billion intelligence budget and be spread among intelligence agencies.
  4. How B-2 works is known; how to build it is secret By Craig Gima Honolulu Star-Bulletin October 28, 2005 -- The B-2's engines are above the wing and are insulated so that heat will not seep through the hull, said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a private defense policy group.
  5. 'Father' of the B-2 By Mary Vorsino Honolulu Star-Bulletin October 28, 2005 -- Publicity like that could have turned the government on to him, said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a private defense policy group. But it also raises the question about why he was not caught sooner, he said.
  6. Cutbacks likely ahead for NSA By Siobhan Gorman The Baltimore Sun October 27, 2005 -- With annual spending of around $7.5 billion each, the NSA and the National Reconnaissance Office, which buys expensive satellite systems, are the intelligence agencies with the largest budgets, according to security analyst John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, who called his spending figures an educated "guesstimate."
  7. Giant Chinese space-tracking ship makes rare visit By Mathew Dearnaley The New Zealand Herald October 27, 2005 -- According to the authoritative US intelligence website GlobalSecurity.org, the fleet of tracking ships relayed 212 remote orders to China's previous manned spacecraft.
  8. Activists 'Outraged' over Upgrading Status of Sudan By Hazel Trice Edney NNPA October 26, 2005 -- Globalsecurity.org reports that more than 2 million people have died either by violence, disease or other war-related impacts over the past decade.
  9. FBI infractions since 9/11 raise civil liberty concerns By Peter Grier The Christian Science Monitor October 26, 2005 -- "There are pretty elaborate rules and regulations on this subject," says John Pike, a counterterror expert at Globalsecurity.org. "People have difficulty at times understanding what the rules are."
  10. Marine with unit based in Reno killed By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal October 25, 2005 -- The 4th Force Recon Company, a Marine Reserve unit, is part of the 4th Marine Division and is an airborne Marine company that specializes in terrain reconnaissance, capturing prisoners and engaging the enemy by supporting arms, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and intelligence policy group based near Washington, D.C.
  11. Northcom commander: Hurricanes show need for active military response By Jon Sarche The Associated Press October 25, 2005 -- "(Government and military officials) have said part of the hang-up after Katrina was different lawyers from different pieces of the government had different ideas on the matter and spent several days arguing about it," said John Pike, director of the globalsecurity.org think tank
  12. South hit hardest in Iraq military deaths By James W. Crawley Media General News Service October 25, 2005 -- "You would expect that," said John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, a research group based in Alexandria, Va. "There is a greater propensity to join (the military) in the South. And, you can't drive very far in the South without running into an Army base."
  13. Chinese tourist pays $100,000 for space trip By Kelly Young New Scientist October 24, 2005 -- "Spaceflight is still nowhere near being available to the average citizen of the world," comments Charles Vick, senior fellow for space and defence policy at Globalsecurity.org, based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, US. "It is more a rich man's game."
  14. IEDs: Iraq rebels' deadly weapon against US troops By Carlos Hamann Agence France Presse October 24, 2005 -- "They are unique in nature because the IED builder has had to improvise with the materials at hand," according to a description by GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-based group that follows military issues.
  15. SpaceX seeks bite of launch business By Roger Fillion Rocky Mountain News October 22, 2005 -- "We're going to have two companies building two rockets out of one factory, which is the worst of all possible worlds," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  16. Last of the Titans ready for blastoff By Roger Fillion The Rocky Mountain News October 19, 2005 -- "What a long, strange trip it's been. It's difficult to imagine the world without the Titan," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org. "It's been so central to so many things we've done."
  17. A Super Hornet's Nest By James Ricci The Los Angeles Times October 19, 2005 -- Although the Super Hornet's cost is often cited in the media as about $60 million apiece, Department of Defense figures collected by the authoritative defense policy group globalsecurity.org place it at about $95 million, when development costs are included and the price is calculated in current dollars.
  18. 2nd Battalion, 72nd Armor to Be Inactivated By Seth Robson Stars & Stripes October 19, 2005 -- Data from the U.S. Army's official Web site and GlobalSecurity.org suggest that if and when 2-72 inactivates, the number of 8th Army tanks in South Korea will have dropped from 140 to 55.
  19. Aerospace giants vie for prizeBy Tamara Lytle Orlando Sentinel October 18, 2005 -- "It's important to each of them because of the shrink-down of the aerospace industry," said Charles Vick, senior fellow in space and defense policy at the policy analysis group GlobalSecurity.org. "It's long-term employment, long-term funding."
  20. Are we going to war with Iran? The Guardian October 18, 2005 -- It is for this reason that John Pike of globalsecurity.org thinks that a US attack could come with no warning at all.
  21. Why Rumsfeld is visiting a strengthening China By Michael Borja MSNBC.com October 17, 2005 -- "Rummy is the designated hitter on the relentless Chinese military buildup," says John Pike, a defense expert and head of Globalsecurity.org, a think tank in Alexandria, Va. "His fundamental premise is to discourage the Chinese from contemplating becoming a military competitor with America."
  22. Now, China sets sights on moon By Kathleen E. McLaughlin The Christian Science Monitor October 17, 2005 -- There are some China watchers who say Chinese will step foot on the moon sooner than Beijing is saying. John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va., consultancy that studies global military issues, says that he has little doubt China is intent on beating the United States back to the moon.
  23. Lawn care workers laid off By David Irvin Montgomery Advertiser October 17, 2005 -- “Those rocket scientists from the Energy Information Administration — the people who are supposed to protect us from these things — were projecting that oil was going to remain at $20 a barrel until hell froze over,” said John Pike, director of the Alexandria, Va.-based think tank Globalsecurity.org.
  24. Le napalm a été rayé du vocabulaire du Pentagone, mais... SPe October 15, 2005 -- «Nous avons connaissance de ce genre d'informations mais sans pouvoir les confirmer», affirme Jonathan Pike, directeur de GlobalSecurity.Org, un institut étasunien d'études militaires.
  25. Mitt: Stock up on food, water in case of a flu emergency By Jessica Heslam Boston Herald October 14, 2005 -- ``I plan to do it,'' said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.. ``My gut is telling me that his suggestion of eight days doesn't sound like enough.''
  26. China's reach for stars a growing challenge to U.S. By Ben Blanchard Reuters October 13, 2005 -- "Both Russia and China have their own military space agendas, and especially manned lunar plans, the challenge of which the U.S. is incapable of matching or exceeding," said Charles Vicki, a senior fellow at defense information Web site, Globalsecurity.org.
  27. China launches its second manned spaceflight mission By Mark Carreau Houston Chronicle October 12, 2005 -- "The Americans would be wise to plan accordingly," said John E. Pike, director of the Alexandria, Va.-based GlobalSecurity.org, a small national security think tank.
  28. Honkin' Big Trucks Head to Iraq By John Lasker The Courier-Journale October 12, 2005 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which focuses on worldwide military news, said the Buffalo and Cougar won't single-handedly defeat the Iraqi insurgency.
  29. Radaren et problem for Norge Av Bĺrd Wormdal NRK .no October 11, 2005 -- Flere amerikanske og russiske forskere, blant andre John Pike, en av verdens fremste eksperter på forsvar, rom og etterretningvirksomhet og direktør for den uavhengige stiftelsen GlobalSecurity.org og professor Ted Postol ved Massachusettes Insitutte of Technology, også en av de fremste på området i USA, mener Vardøradaren innhenter verdifull informasjon for antirakettforsvaret ved å følge prøveutskytning av interkontinentale raketter fra Plesetsk i Arkhangelsk.
  30. Soldier dies a negligent death By Alan Maimon The Courier-Journale October 11, 2005 -- One soldier died as a result of homicide in the 1991 Persian Gulf War out of 382 total fatalities, according to an analysis by GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and intelligence Web site.
  31. Sites to behold By Tom Roeder The Gazette October 10, 2005 -- There is a note of financial caution coming from some corners, though, said John Pike, executive director of the Virginia-based defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  32. Shaped bombs magnify Iraq attacks By Neil Arun BBC News October 10, 2005 -- "It'll go through the heaviest armour like a hot knife through butter," John Pike, director of US defence policy group Globalsecurity.org, told the BBC News website.
  33. Senate nixes armor money By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune October 7, 2005 -- John Pike, a defense expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org, said the Pentagon has not been forthcoming with figures on its efforts to up-armor its vehicles, but armoring trucks and installing bulletproof glass in vehicles has been an ongoing problem.
  34. Analyst Allegedly Used Same System As Spy By John Diamond USA Today October 7, 2005 -- “We thought that we had solved this problem a long time ago,” said John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, a think tank that follows intelligence issues. “Apparently, we haven't.”
  35. Military moves part of Williams Scotsman's battle plan By Lee Hill Kavanaugh Baltimore Business Journal October 4, 2005 -- Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommendations mean air defense artillery units are expected to be moved from Fort Bliss to Fort Sill and 1st Armored Division and various echelon above division units from Germany and Korea are being moved to Fort Bliss, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  36. Panel seeks to vet intelligence chiefs By Siobhan Gorman The Baltimore Sun October 2, 2005 -- Budget numbers are classified, but Jonathan Pike, an intelligence specialist at Globalsecurity.org, estimates the NSA and NRO budgets at $7 billion apiece and the NGA's at $2 billion.
  37. Myers ends turbulent tenure atop military By Lee Hill Kavanaugh The Kansas City Star October 1, 2005 -- Regardless of the accolades from the president, Myers’ true record of successes or failures is still to be determined, said military analyst John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.