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Expeditions Undertaken Against Frontier Tribes
Since The Annexation Of The Punjab

Year.Tribes against which undertaken.Name of Commander.Number of troops employed *.Total British casualties.
1849Villages of British and
independent Baeza (Swat).
Lieutenant-Colonel J.Bradshaw, C.B.2,30051
1850Kohat Pass Afridis .Brigadier Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.B., (accompanied by the Commander-in-Chief, General Sir C. J. Napier, G.C.B.).3,20094
1851Villages of British Miranzai.Captain J. Coke2,500 (including 655 levies).5
1851-2MohmandsBrigadier Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.B.1,5979
(Affair at Panjpao).
1852Ravizai .3,27040
1852Utman Khel .2,20018
1852Umarzai (Ahmadzai) Wazirs.Major J. Nicholson .1,59728
1852-3HasanzaiLieutenant-Colonel F. Mackeson, C.B.3,800 (including Kashmir troops, levies, and police, but excluding the reserve).18
1853Hindustani Fanatics2,000 (including Kashmir troops).Nil
1853Shiranis .Brigadier J. S. Hodgson.2,795Nil
1853Bori Afrfdis .Colonel S. B. Boileau1,74039
1854Michni Mohmands .Colonel S. J. Cotton1,782I?
1855Aka Khel Afridis .Lieutenant-Colonel J.H. Craigie, C.B.1,50034
1855Villages of British Miranzai.Brigadier N.B. Chamberlain.3,766i5
1855Rabia Khel Orakzais2,45715
1856Turis4,896 (including 150 levies).8
1857British villages on the Yusufzai border.Major J. L. Vaughan 400 In attack on Shaikh Jana.5
990 (including 140 levies) in the first attack on Narinji.26
1,625 (including 323 levies) in the second attack on Narinji.9
1859Khudu Khel and
Hindustani Fanatics
Major-General Sir S.J. Cotton, K.C.B.4,87735
1859-60Kabul KhelWazIrs.Brigadier-General Sir N.B. Chamberlain, C.B.5,372 (including 1,456 police and levies).20
1860Mahsuds .6,796 (including 1,600 levies).361
1863Hindustani FanaticsBrigadier-General Sir N.B. Chamberlain, K.C.B., and
subsequently Major-General J. Garvok.
1864MohmandsColonel A. Macdonell, C.B.1,80119
1868Bizoti Orakzai .Major L.B. Jones .970 (including 140 police and levies)55
1868Black Mountain Tribes.Major-General A.T. Wilde, C.B., C.S.I,12,544 (exclusive of a reserve of 2,218).98 #
1869Bizoti Orakzai.Lieutenant-Colonel C.P. Keyes, C.B.2,080 (including 419 police and levies) .36
1872Dauris .Brigadier-General C.P. Keyes, C.B.1,8266
1877Jowaki AfridisColonel D. Mocatta .i,730 (exclusive of levies).11
1877-8Brigadier-Generals C.P. Keyes, C.B., and C.C.G. Ross, C.B.7,40061
1878Ulman Khel .Captain W. Battye .2808
1878Ranizai .Major R.B.P.P. Campbell.860Nil
1878Utman Khel .Lieutenant-Colonel F.H. Jenkins.875i
1878Zakka Khel Afridis.Lieutenant-Colonel F.F.Maude, V.C.,C.B.2,500ii
1878Powindas, Sulaiman Khel, and othersColonel H.F.M. Boisragon.64013
1879Zakka Khel Afridis.Lieutenant-Colonel F.F. Maude, V.C.,C.B.3,75018
(Affair at Kara Dakka).
Captain O'M.Creagh,
and subsequently
Major J. R. Dyce.
1879ZaimnkhtsBrigadier-General J.A.Tytler,V.C.,C.B.3,2265
1880MohmandsBrigadier-General J. Doran, C.B., and
Colonel T.W.R. Boisragon.
1880BhittannisLieutenant-Colonel P.C. Rynd.7215
1880Kabul Khel (Utmanzai) Wazirs.Brigadier-General J.J.H. Gordon, C.B.800Nil
1881MahsudsBrigadier-Generals T.G. Kennedy, C.B., and
J. J. H. Gordon, C.B.
1888Hasanzai, Akozai, Parari Saiyids and Tikariwal.Major-General J.W. McQueen, C.B., A.D.C.12,554 
1890Kidderzai Section of
Largha Shiranis.
General Sir G.S.White V C G C B1,750 +1
1891Hasanzai and AkozaiMajor-General W.K. Elles, C.B.7,30048
1891Orakzai .Major-General Sir W.S.A. Lockhart, K.C.B., C.S.I.7,38195
1892Isazai Clans .5,997Nil
1896Umra Khan of Jandol
(Chitral Relief Force).
Major-General Sir R.C. Low, K.C.B.14,900122
1897(1) Swatis and Utman Khel.
(2) Bunerwal and Chamlawal.
Major-General Sir Bindon Blood, K.C.B.8,071532
1897Darwesh Khel Wazirs
1897MohmandsMajor-General E.R. Elles, C.B.6,45830
1897-8Darwesh Khel WazirsMajor-General G. Corrie-Bird, C.B.7,26217
1897-8Afridis and OrakzaiMajor-General Sir W.S.A. Lockhart, K C B KC SI40,0001,019
1900-1Mahsuds.General W. Hill, C.B., 01 Dec 1900 to Aug 1901. Thereafter Brigadier- General Denning, D.S.O.12,448136
1902Kabul Khel (Utmanzai) Wazirs.Major-General Sir C.C. Egerton,K.C.B.,D.S.O.2,88021

* The numbers given in this column are in some cases only approximate, it being impossible in these cases to discover from the records the exact number of troops employed.

# This number includes the casualties (64) in the Aoror valley previous to the advance of the Hazara Field Force.

+ Number of Punjab columns only: two other columns, operating from Baluchistan, took part in the expedition.

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