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T-84 MBT - Mobility

The T-84 is powered by a model 6TD-2 diesel engine developing 1,200 hp. The engine has been designed to give good performance in all weather conditions, in particular at high temperatures. Although a diesel engine, the 6TD-2 diesel will also run on other fuels including petrol, kerosene, jet engine fuel or their mixture in any proportion.

The engine is fitted with a preheater for use in cold weather. The engine can also efficiently operate in desert conditions at ambient temperatures of up to 55 above zero, as it has a number of enhancements for operation in high ambient temperatures. The power pack gives a power-to-weight ratio of 26 hp/t, which ensures a high acceleration capability and ease of manoeuvre of the tank as it moves from one fire position to another.

The capacity of the internal fuel tanks is 700 litres with an additional 440 litres being stowed in the fuel tanks above the tracks. This gives the T-84 a fuel distance of 400 km. To extend the operational range of the T-84, additional drum-type fuel tanks can be mounted at the hull rear. These can be quickly jettisoned if necessary. Each of these fuel drums holds 200 litres of fuel and is connected to the main fuel supply. The air inlet of the engine allows air to be ducted from the least dusty quarter and enables water obstacles to be crossed to a water depth of 1.8 m without preparation.

There are two parts to the air filtration system, the centrifugal pre-cleaners and the air cleaner casing. This enables the tank to be operated in hot and dusty conditions for up to 1,000 km without a change of filters and to carry out combat under radioactive conditions.

The suspension is especially designed so that it will permit the vehicle to use its mobility to the full when moving cross country enabling higher cross-country speeds with improved crew comfort to be achieved. The suspension is of the torsion bar type with each side having six dual rubber-tyred road wheels with the idler at the front, drive sprocket at the rear and track support rollers. The rubber-tyred road wheels are in two halves and bolted together. Hydraulic shock absorbers are provided at the first, second and sixth road wheel stations for an improved cross-country ride.

Two track variants are available: metal track and track with replaceable rubber pads. The upper part of the suspension is covered by a rubber skirt, the forward part of which is armoured and fitted with explosive reactive armor. A rubber mat hangs at the front of the vehicle and this helps to keep down dust.

The T-84 is fitted with an automatic system intended to facilitate the starting of the engine and to monitor the parameters of the power pack. This system offers significant improvements in performance of the power train. To enable the driver to observe a broad sector while driving the closed-down vehicle, the driver's station is fitted with unity vision blocks with a wide azimuth field of view. To satisfy the night driving requirements, the driver's station can be fitted with a night vision device (with image intensifier tube).

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