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Project 58250 Corvette / Hayduk-21/Gaiduk-21
Volodymyr Velyky ["Vladimir the Great"]

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry halted financing the program envisaging the construction of four Korvet-type warships by 2021, due to budget savings and large-scale austerity measures introduced in the country, Ukraine’s acting Defense Minister Ivan Rusnak said 23 July 2014. “A decision has been made to temporarily halt this program [on Korvet construction]. It hasn’t been scrapped, and the issue will be revised in the future,” Rusnak said at the parliamentary hearing devoted to Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

The meaning of Gayduk is unknown. In building the Hayduk, Ukraine would face one problem - the lack of appropriate nationally-designed weapons. The lack of precise political decision regarding the type of weapons systems that should be chosen while building new ships and modernizing the existing ones is a matter of import. Pavlo LAKIYCHUK and Yevghen LOSEV note that "It is possible to paraphrase this problem by asking “where should we look, to the West or to the East?” On the one hand, the political leadership of the state has declared Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic perspective. On the other, Ukraine’s military-industrial complex is still closely connected with the Russian one i.e. the failure of Hayduk-21 corvette type, which was projected under the Russian weaponry."

Mykolayiv State Enterprise “Research and Design center of shipbuilding” completed the draft design of a corvette-type ship in 2006 and started its technical design to meet such specifications: tonnage–2,500tons,cruisingrange – 4,000 miles, self-sufficiency–30days. For 2009 it was planned to complete the technical design of the corvette and commence the building of the first ship. The vessel was to be equipped with modern weapons, navigational means, and a foreign-produced firing control system.Such countries as Russia, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Italy and Sweden were regarded as prospective suppliers of the indicated systems.

After several years of obscurity with the Ukrainian Corvette program, it was finally decided that the first four Project 58250 Corvettes will be delivered by 2018, and it means that a number of Ukrainian military factories, institutes, and CB will work and will live. The design of the ship looks more like a Corvette than a frigate. However, the designers were able to "shove" in more arms, allowing it to fully perform the functions of a frigate. The appearance of the project verifies that its implementation will be used stealth technology. Main armament would be hidden inside the ship.

For 3 years the Project was developed by Nikolaev enterprise "research and design center of shipbuilding". Plans were to build up to 2026, 10 such ships, and up to 2018 - the first 4. The "Black Sea shipbuilding plant" at Mykolaiv is building the Corvettes, which belongs to the "SMART" group of companies (which is Russian capital).

The cost of the "main" ship of the series so far is estimated at 250 million. euro. How much will this series ship, where dignitaries serial after building first. There are predictions for their cost of 200-210 million euro. The biggest confusion is the price. The cost of the first ship is estimated at $312 million For comparison, the Turkish corvette project MILGEM, which have the same set of weapons, but to a lesser displacement, are $260 million.

At the beginning of the project was planned 50/50, which is half the cabinet, refrigerator propulsion and navigation equipment will be part of the Ukrainian production and all that is not enough - buy. But it turned out that the Ukrainian scientific school can provide domestic electronic and radar equipment. It is no better or worse - it is his own. As a result, the share of imported components reduced to the proportions of 60/40, and close to 70/30. The ratio between the cost of Ukrainian and imported products is 60 to 40 percent in favor of the domestic industry. Namely, the Corvette set a number of absolutely new Ukrainian developments: a new radar complex lines, diesel-gasturbìne installation, chillers.

The import component fell into service. Ukraine itself had made the ship's weapons. Similar design their systems for small parties economically unprofitable. The process of creating the project fell on hard in the relations between Russia and Ukraine period and arrange for the supply of Russian counterparts failed so Ukraine had to order the Germans, Italians and French.

In 2008 it was reported that Ukraine was going to build 10 multi-purpose frigates for its Naval Forces which total cost would make 1.045 milliard US dollars. That was said to the «Leos-Inform» newspaper by a military source. It is planned to build these warships with rate 1 ship in 3 years. The approximate cost of the leading ship in the first series was 140-145 million US dollars while the cost of the serial ones was 100 million US dollars for a unit. Specifications of the future warship: displacement from 2500 up to 3000 tons, length – 108 metres, width – 12.8 metres, range of navigation – 4 thousand miles with speed of 15 knots, crew – 75 persons (including 15 officers). It was planned, that the ship would be under construction in the National Enterprise of «The 61 Communards Ship-Building Yard» (city of Mykolayiv) or in the open joint-stock company of «Lenins’ka Kuznia» (city of Kiev). Companies of 7 countries, including about 90 Ukrainian enterprises were planned to be involved as participants of the project.

In December 2009, Ukraine's Defense Ministry and Black Sea Shipyard (Mykolaiv) after a tender conducted by the ministry signed a contract on the fulfillment of a state order to build corvettes for the Ukrainian Navy. Mykolaiv-based Research and Design Center designed the project. The Concept of Targeted Military Program of Building Corvette Class Ships (adopted in March 2011) foresaw building a series of corvettes, which would be commissioned to the Naval Forces of Ukraine by 2021.

Ukraine is serious about reviving and further development of its ship-building industry in Mykolaiv region. This was the theme of the visit of the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Chernomorsky Shipyard in Mykolaiv, where he participated on May 18, 2011 in laying the keel of the corvette class ship for the Naval Force of Ukraine. During the visit the President commended the ship-building employees for their patience and faith. "I am confident that together we will create with you all the motivation for the development of shipbuilding", said the Ukrainian leader. This will be the third ship of corvette class that Ukraine will build since its independence. It had been reported earlier that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine planned to allocate about UAH 16.22 billion (about $ 2 billion) to finance the construction of four corvette-class ships until 2021. The first ship of the corvette class was planned to leave the shipyard in 2016.

The State Target Defence Programme on construction of project 58250 "corvette" class ships was approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 09 November 2011 # 1150. In November 2011, the Ukrainian government approved a budget of UAH 16.2 billion for the corvette state program until 2021. The UAH 16.2 billion-budget program provides for the construction of four vessels. Putting the first ship into operation is scheduled for 2016. After examining the results of a series of ships operating, the Defence Ministry will take a decision on the future construction. In prospect, the series is to consist of ten corvettes. The vessels will be equipped with special facilities bought in France and Italy. Purchase of armament and upgrading of ship stationing sites will cost UAH 4.1 billion. It is planned to buy equipment from 18 manufacturers, including the United States. The share of Ukrainian producers and suppliers in the construction was to be no less than 72%.

The laying ceremony took place on the ship May 17, 2011. President Viktor Yanukovych took part in a ceremony of laying down of a corvette class ship under the project 58250. The corvette was to be commissioned in 2016. Addressing the employees of the shipyard, President Yanukovych said that the development and state support of shipbuilding industry in Ukraine is important. Clearly, he said, "the enterprise and the industry as a whole has been experiencing difficult times lately”. The President announced that four Corvette-class ships would be built through 2021, with the lead ship commissioned in 2014-2015. He also stated that the share of ships’ equipment coming from Ukraine should be no less than 60% and underlined that new tax code provides shipyards with exemptions from income tax and VAT preferences. Ukraine’s government has allocated 16 bln UAH ($2 bln) for the Corvette program.

In 2012 the building of Volodymyr Velyky corvette for the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces started at Chornomorsky Ship Building Yard in Mykolaiv. As of 12.02.2013 the Black Sea shipyard had built 55% of the korvetu project, and the end of 2013 over 75%. According to the head of Defense weapons development and procurement, by 2016 the company will put the ship on water and begin its evaluation. Questions of nomenclature of armament for the national corvette was once again open. Despite the fact that no decision on refusal from Western weapon systems not approved, experts were seriously considering swapping their domestic developments. The main factor in the likely changes are primarily high price, as well as the refusal of NATO membership. However, the lack of an approved nomenclature arms did not brake the process of construction, because the constructed dissection method of separate units and in the design of the ship incorporated opportunities for redevelopment placing different weapons systems.

Ukraine's state-controlled arms exporter, Ukrspecexport, showcased for the first time declassified model of the Project - 58250 (Corvette) at the X International Trade Fair Arms and Security 2013 to be held September 25-28 at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine plan to put in operation the first ship of corvette class by 2017, Defence Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Lebedev has reported in October 2013. "The building of the ships of corvette class foreseen by the state target defense program for construction of the ships of corvette class under the project 58250, was approved under a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers in November 2011," Lebedev said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine. According to Lebedev, this program foresaw financing for the construction of four corvette ships from 2011 to 2021. "Now the main ship is being built. The complex state program on reforming and developing the Armed Forces of Ukraine envisages its being put into operation by 2017," the minister said.

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