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Air Defense Force History

"Birth" of the Air Defense Force of Ukraine, its formation and development are tightly connected with history of the country.

In the period of 1914-1917 there were developed main operational-tactical principles of air defense of logistic objects. These principles were totally implemented in action in the process of organization of air-cover of important objects of Odessa operational command (Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson etc.)

In the middle 1915 there was created the service of air (visual) observation, warning and communication that was aimed to detect enemy aircrafts, to monitor their action and to warn air defense units of their appearance.

January, 1992 - The Command of 8th Separate Air Defence Army and the personnel of combat anti-aircraft units and radar troops, fighter aviation and logistical support elements and units had sworn allegiance to the people of Ukraine.

April-May, 1992 - The Command of The Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is founded according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine #209 dated 5 Apr 1992 "About urgent measures as for creation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" and the Order of Minister of Defence.

June, 1996 - Lieutenant-General STETSENKO is appointed Deputy Minister of Defence - Commander-in-chief of The Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the Decree of the President of Ukraine #449/96 dated 20 Jun 1996.

3 July 1996 - Experimental firings (launchings) of short and medium range SAM complexes are conducted on the Ukrainian territory for the first time in the history of Ukraine.

2 July 1997 - The professional holiday - the Day of The Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine #602/97 as a national-wide recognition of the Air Defence contribution to the defensive potential of State. The Day of the Air Defence is yearly celebrated on the first Sunday of July.

In 1997 the Program of The Air Defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was worked out and approved by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine. The Program includes the system of concepts on tasks of the Air Defence, the general ways, phases and perspectives of its development. The primary purpose of the Program is the foundation of the unified state air defense system taking into account today's military and political situation, methods and rates of the Armed Forces development, financial and economical ability of Ukraine and up-to-date requirements for the state defense potential.

July 2000 - In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine #931/2000 of July 31, 2000 Lieutenant-general Volodimir V. Tkachov was appointed Deputy Minister of Defense - Commander-in-chief of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

October 2000 - Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Law of Ukraine "Of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" in which Air Defense force gained the status of the armed service of the Armed forces of Ukraine - this was the token of recognition of achievements of "sky guards" in the process of strengthening of the defensive capacity of the state and operational readiness of its Armed Forces.

In early 2005, the armed forces of Ukraine have moved to a "trividovu" structure Army, Navy and Air Force. The main purpose of the establishment of this new type was determined by increasing the level of effectiveness of the tasks inherent in both military - Air Forces, and Air Defence Forces - by eliminating duplicative controls the overall process of protecting domestic airspace. It should be noted that the creation of the air force did not become a mechanical merger of two previously existing types of Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was primarily driven by the desire of military-political leadership of the country to raise the level of effectiveness of protection of air space to a new, better level.

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