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Antonov An-70 - Modifications


basic modification.


modification of the aircraft with two [rather than four] D-27 Turbopropfan engines. The plane has a lower take-off weight and simplified chassis, it changed a number of systems and components, featuring an upgraded avionics and smaller crew. When applied with runways 2500m in length, he is able to carry a weight of 30 tons at a distance of 1000 km or 20 tonnes - 4,300 km with an exceptionally high fuel efficiency.


At the 2008 Zhuhai airshow, Antonov displayed a model of the large An-70 military transport aircraft, based on which China and Ukraine could jointly develop the AN-70-600. The new An-70-600 transport aircraft's maximum payload was expected be 48t-50t compared to An-70's 47t. One of China's requirements is that An-70-600's flight range should be at least 3,200km when carrying the maximum load. China also hoped that it can carry at least 3 China-made infantry fighting vehicles, or 120-150 paratroopers.


Commercial transport, generally as An-70 but no requirement for STOL. Two or three crew. Transport aircraft with four engines D-27 for use in civil aviation with a lifting capacity of 20-35 tonnes. To carry 35,000kg (77,161lb) payload 2,051 n miles (3,800km; 2,361 miles) from 1,900m (6,235ft) runway, or 20,000kg (44,092 lb) for 2,915 n miles (5,400km; 3,555 miles) from 1,300m (4,265ft) runway. Plane provides transportation 35 tons of cargo at a distance of 3800 km, and 20 m - 7,400 km. The possibility to use concrete and dirt runways 1300 m allows to exploit it across the airfield network CIS.

An-112-CC-draft tanker based on the An-70 developed by Antonov and US Aerospace team to participate in the new program started USAF tanker. The proposal was rejected.


Development of An-70T with two D-27 propfans, two crew and revised landing gear, to carry 30,000kg (66,138 lb) payload 540 n miles (1,000km; 621 miles) from 2,500m (8,205ft) runway, or 10,000kg (22,046 lb) for 1,187 n miles (2,200km; 1,367 miles) from 1,300m (4,265ft) runway.


a version of the An-70T-100 powered by two NK-93 turbofan engines;


a version of the An-70T-100 fitted with two CFM56-5C4 turbofan engines;


a version of the An-70T powered by four CFM56-5C4 turbofan engines.


An-70T variant with cargo and passenger cabin. a convertible civilian cargo/passenger aircraft capable of seating 150 passengers or carrying 30-tonne cargo, also it could be built in the following versions forest firefighter, eco- logical environment monitoring aircraft, etc.;


turbojet version of the An-70 modification with four CFM56-5A1 engines and avionics of western production.


modification proposed as the main transport aircraft for the European NATO countries.


the basis of the Chinese Y-20 project, a heavily modified and larger version of the An-70 intended to replace Il-76, recently under development. The An-170 is much larger and heavier than the An-70, with a take-off weight of 230 tonnes and a maximum payload of 60 tonnes. Fuselage is stretched, wing span increased, more powerful engines planned. Lost contest to Il-106.


An-170 MPA version


An-170 export variant

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