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HTMS Pattani Corvette Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV)

His Thai Majesty’s Ship (HTMS) Pattani was the first of two such vessels ordered from China Shipbuilding in 2003. The classification of these ships is confused, as they are sometimes called Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV), but possibly they are too heavily armed for that appelation, and frequently called frigates, but possibly their displacement is closer to that of a corvette. The Thai Navy's Pattani-class OPV bears a resemblance to the subsequent Chinese Type 056 corvette / light frigate, though the later is up-gunned relative to the the Thai OPV, with four YJ-3/C803 ASM and a FL-3000N RAM launcher aft, while the former has a much taller superstructure.

Built for the Royal Thai Navy by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, each OPV cost about US$50 million. The vessels, were commissioned in 2006-2007 and make extensive use of COTS technologies to keep the acquisition and maintenance costs low. With a standard displacement of 1,440 tonnes and a maximum displacement of 1,635 tonnes, the ships are 95.5 meters [310 feet] long with a beam of 11.6 meters and a draft of 4 meters. She carries 1 × 76/62 mm OTO Melara guns, 2 × 20 mm guns and 2 × .50 inch machine guns. Both OPVs also feature one rear helicopter deck capable of housing helicopters like the AgustaWestland-built Super Lynx Mk300. The ships carry a complement of 126 Naval personnel.

The Pattani is an interesting example of how Chinese hulls can be integrated with Western, sensors and weapons systems. Not much has been heard about its performance or build quality, but both were said to be better built than the older Chinese frigates. The HTMS Naresuan and the HTMS Taksin were procured from China and commissioned in 1995, but by 2012 were being repaired after growing corrosion.

In October 2010 Thailand sent 2 ships - the frigate HTMS Pattani and supply ship - to join the naval task force from 29 countries off the coast of Somalia. A number of vessels from the country had been seized by pirates in the past year, most notably three long distance fishing trawlers in April 2010. The 77 crew members were still being held for ransom by October. The mission is set to last 3 months, and apart from a brief docks in Singapore and Sri Lanka, all of that time will be at sea.

Two Royal Thai Naval ships, HTMS “Similan” and HTMS “Pattani”, with Commander, Frigate Squadron 2 of the Royal Thai Fleet, Rear Admiral Chaiyot Sundaranaga on board, arrived at the Port of Colombo 19 September 2010). The ships were ceremonially welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy on their arrival. A special program was been arranged by the Sri Lanka Navy to enhance the friendly relations between the two Navies during the ships’ stay in Sri Lanka. The two Royal Thai Naval ships belong to the Royal Thai Navy Counter Piracy Task Group (RTNCPTG) and were en route to the Gulf of Aden with two Naval Special Warfare units on an anti-piracy mission headed by Rear Admiral Chaiyot Sundaranaga. The ships were in Sri Lanka for logistics support prior to joining the international anti-piracy operation being carried out jointly by maritime task forces from 29 countries off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden.

On 16 April 2013 the Royal Thai Navy ship (HTMS) Pattani rescued approximately 455 tourists from Tachai Island in Khura Buri district which is located 80 kilometers away from the mainland. The dive vessel Little Princess sank in heavy seas off Koh Tachai in Phang Nga province, with many passengers jumping overboard, and their belongings sinking to the bottom of the sea along with the ship. Meanwhile, the Thai Navy ship HTMS Pattani Ship was on the way from the Tab Lamu Navy base. It arrived off Koh Tachai at 9 pm and started taking on board the 400 people hunkering down on the island, including the passengers and crew of the Little Princess.

Length 95.5 meters / 310 feet
Beam 11.6 meters
Draft 3.0 meters
Displacement, standard
Displacement, Full Load 1,440 tons
Engines2 x Ruston 16RK270 diesel engine
Speed 25.0 knots
Range 3,500nm @ 15kts
Armament 1 x 76mm 62 Caliber OTO-Melara SuperRapid DP
2 x 20mm 70-caliber AAA
2 x 12.7mm machine gun
Complement 84
Pattani511Hudong Shipyard 19
Narathiwat512 Hudong Shipyard??

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