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Princess Ubolrata Ratkanya Siri Wattana Phannawadee

Princess UbolrataPrincess Ubolrata Ratkanya is the eldest child of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and elder sister of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn. In October 2016, Princess Ubolratana's father, King Bhumibol, died and her brother, Maha Vajiralongkorn, assumed the throne later that year. Ubolratana is known to the public for lead roles in Thai films, onstage singing performances, a vibrant fashion sense and a sizeable Instagram following.

Highness Princess Ubonrat Ratkanya Born on Sunday, April 5, 1951, at Monchsey Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland, the first child of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit while her father was studying science at the University of Lausanne. She was given the title "Her Royal Highness, Chao Fa" (lady of the sky) before the family moved back to Thailand in December that year. She completed his primary education from Chitralada School. In her teenage years, she shared her father's love of sports. The pair shared a gold medal in sailing at the Southeast Asian Games in 1967.

In 1969, upon completion of secondary education she went to stay in the United States to attend an undergraduate study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge Massachusetts United States in mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Chemistry [some accounts related that she went to Boston to study nuclear physics]. In 1972 she met and married American MIT classmate, Peter Jensen. She relinquished her royal titles as required as a result of marrying a foreigner. In 1973 Ubolratana graduated MIT with a bachelor's degree.

She later settled in southern California taking the name Julie Jensen. She had three children with Jensen and did not return to Thailand for eight years. in 1975 she received a master's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA in the Statistics and Public Health.

Her first son, Khun Poom Jensen, was born on August 16, 1983, known as Phoom. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromart Bophit gave the new name "Phum" from the word Phum Phok for your prosperity. Phum was autistic, a person with good heart, kindness, kindness, kindness, humility and humility to the senior.

In the 1990s Ubolratana made more frequent trips to Bangkok, joining her mother, Queen Sirikit, at charity events and balls. By 1991 Ubolratana appeared more frequently in the limelight on Thai magazine covers, society parties and fashion events. She does not recover her full titles but is treated as a full princess, with staff prostrating themselves at her feet.

In 1992 she founded the Ubolratana Foundation, which supports children orphaned by HIV-related illnesses.

In 1998 Ubolratana and Jensen divorced, and she brought their three children back to Thailand and resumed royal duties. The children receive Thai citizenship and are treated as royals. Their separation and divorce had been quite nasty. Mr. Jensen borrowed money from several Thais and Thai banks prior to his divorce from Princess Ubolratana and that these funds have never been repaid. She brought their three children back to Thailand and resumed royal duties. By 2001 Ubolratana and her children permanently returned to Thailand. She was referred to as "Tunkramom Ying" meaning, "Daughter to the Queen Regent".

Princess UbolrataIn 2002 Ubolratana launched "To Be Number One", an anti-drug campaign for at-risk youth and teens under royal patronage. The initiative is anti-drug campaign for at-risk youth and teens. She chairs the foundation, occasionally singing and dancing at awareness-raising programmes. Her Highness Princess Ubonrat Ratkanya was interested in performing social duties for the people in the three southern border provinces. By setting up the Bright Life Foundation, a charity organization, she was the president of the campaign to prevent and solve drug problems in educational institutions across the country. Various community organizations have received interest from Mexico. And regarded as a project that has achieved great success.

In 2003 Ubolratana starred as a princess in a soap opera set in the Ayutthaya period, "Kasattriya".

Ubolratana's son, Poomi, was killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami in Khao Lak, Phang Nga province on December 26, 2004. Siri was 21 years old. The King was greatly touched by the outpouring of respect and warmth for Khun Poom since his death on December 26, 2004. Mr. Jensen had not come to Thailand to attend his son's funeral. Some joked that he was afraid to come to Thailand because the Crown Prince would beat him up.

Princess Ubonrat Ratkanya Siri Wattana Phannawadee was the first member of the royal family who was a star and played in drama. The first two dramas were King Rama III and King Rama IV. According to the invitation of the Kantana Company, the two plays aired on Royal Thai Army Radio Television Station every Monday to Friday at 19:30 clock. Later in the year 2006, he starred in the drama " Anantalai", which she wrote on his own by using the alias "Ploykham Phet", the drama is broadcast via ITV television station.

In 2008 she starred in a film "Where the Miracle Happens" based on a novel she wrote in which she played a businesswoman who becomes a volunteer teacher. Later, she also starred in the movies My Best Bodyguard and Phra Nang Cham Thawi All three films were screened at the Cannes Film Festival. She came to participate in the ceremonied in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Highness Princess Ubonrat Ratkanya Siri Wattana Phannawadee regularly took television shows about her. According to the invitation to invite various groups of people to publish on television. In particular, the programs that she regularly broadcasts on television are the knowledge and content that the public has been watching until the present.

In September 2011 the Princess Ubolratana Foundation and national artist Sawalee Pakapan held a charity concert entitled "Rak Ther Samer (Love You Always)" which presents a number of timeless romantic songs. Performing on stage will be 14 leading crooners, including Suthep Wongkamhaeng, Chalee Intaravijit, Ruangthong Thonglunthom, Chomchai Arunchan, Daojai Paijit and Tippawan Pinpiban. Music will be provided by the Kanjanapalin Band. Proceeds supported scholarship funds for Princess Ubolrat School and Saint Joseph Mae Chaem School in Chiang Mai. In the year 2016, she starred in the TV series Thai television channel, color TV channel 3, parallel with channel 3 HD, channel 33, the story of the star struck the sky, Pha Pha Sileng played the role of "Amrabhini"

King Bhumibol died in October 2016 and her brother assumed the throne later in the year. Ubolratana and Thaksin's daughter exchanged messages of support on social media during the late king's mourning period.

On 16 August 2018, Princess Ubonrat Ratkanya, accompanied by Khun Ploy Pailin Jensen and Sirikit Ya Jensen, went to Rajabophit Temple, Sathit Mahasimaram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok His Highness gave merit to Khun Poom Jensen, the son. They lit the incense and candles and worshiped the Buddha of Angkhorot.

In 2018 pictures of Ubolratana, Thaksin and his sister, former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, at the World Cup in Russia appeared on social media. Highness Princess Ubonrat Ratkanya Siri Wattana Phannawadee sang the song of the Rookie Cookie BNK48 in the concert of the master and good youth contest TO TO NUMBER ONE IDOL 8 for the year 2018.

On 08 February 2019 a Thaksin-linked party nominated Ubolratana as candidate for prime minister for a general election set for 24 March 2019. The move rattled the status quo and threatened the ambitions of the military government that has ruled Thailand since it toppled the administration of Yingluck Shinawatra in a 2014 coup. Following the announcement, Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn called his older's sister's plans "inappropriate" and unconstitutional. The next day, the Thai Raksa Chart Party cancelled its campaigning plans for the upcoming elections after the king rejected his sister's candidacy for prime minister. "Thai Raksa Chart party complies with the royal command," the party said in a statement sent out to reporters.

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