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Kuang Hua V corvette

Taiwan's Kuang Hua [Glorious China] naval modernization program included the future acquisition of 10-14 corvettes with a displacement of 1,500-2,000 tons. The Kwang Hua Project V was the much delayed plan for the "secondary class warships of the second generation" to build several patrol boats with stealth capability that will be a supplementary combat force for "primary class" warships. The Kwang Hua Project V had been on the drawing board for many years to replace the phased out Shan class and Kuan class frigates, but due to budget constraints, the project has remained on the back burner until recently. The only common understanding in the navy was that the ship should have a displacement of about 1,500 tons, to operate in combat formations of warships with a different tonnage such as the existing 3,000-ton warships of the Cheng Kung and Kang Ding classes.

If the Kwang Hua Project V was approved, most of the ships was to be built in Taiwan in conformity with the principle fostering Taiwan's shipbuilding industry. If a foreign shipyard's design was finally adopted, the first ship would be probably built in a foreign shipyard, with the remainder of the ships built in Taiwan through technological transfer. Only the China Shipbuilding Company among the domestic shipyards has the capability to build the 1,500-2,000 ton-patrol boats.

Foreign shipyards that expressed interest in building the ships include Israel's Saar 5 improved patrol boats, as well as shipyards from Germany (Meko patrol boats), from Spain, Italy, Italy, Britain, and the DCN, the shipbuilding bureau under the French Defense Ministry.

The Lahav class Saar 5 is a multi-purpose missile corvette designed and planned by the Israel Navy. It has a high level of survivability, and is equipped with a helicopter and surface-to-surface, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine capabilities. Designed to remain at sea for relatively long periods of time, its primary use is as a command ship for task forces. As such, it is equipped with advanced combat, navigation and propulsion systems existing in the world today. The Israel Navy currently has three Saar 5 missile boats.

The MEKOŽ 100 corvette design was systematically further optimized to reduce the radar signature. Thanks to the MEKOŽ modular design specially adapted to the parameters of a compact naval vessel design in combination with the "variable midships section", the MEKOŽ 100 family with 800-2500 tonnes displacement offers optimal versatility as regards: selection and capability for future upgrades of weapon and electronics equipment; Propulsion plant; Endurance; Speed; Crew strength and accommodation standard.

The US shipyard Ingalls Shipbuilding showed two new warship designs at IMDEX Asia 97.: a 3,000 ton multi-purpose frigate and a 1250 ton corvette. The frigate design is effectively a scaled-down Spruance class destroyer, as built by Ingalls. The corvette is a considerable modernisation of the concept behind the Israeli Navy's Saar 5 corvettes.

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