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CM33 8X8 Yunpao [Cloud Leopard] w/ 40mm

The Cloud Leopard APC prototype at the 2007 World Trade Show was armed with a jungle digital camouflage and armed with a remote-controlled weapon station equipped with a 40mm grenade machine gun and a 7.62mm machine gun.

In addition to the turret, the Lianqin 202 plant also developed a light remote-controlled weapon station for the CM-32, which was exhibited together with the Delco 25mm turret for the first time at the 2003 814 Air Force Festival. This kind of remote weapon station adopts full power rotation/pitch servo and electric firing device. It can choose to install 12.7mm machine gun (fire rate 600 rounds/min, effective range 1500m) or 40mm grenade machine gun (300 rounds/minute, effective range). 1600m), there are eight tube smoke bomb launchers on both sides of the base.

In 2007, the Lianqin 202 factory exhibited a roughly fixed version of the remote control gun tower at the World Trade and Defense Exhibition (with the car body being a P3 prototype), called the 96-type, and the gun frame was changed to install the T-produced at the same time. 74b 7.62mm machine gun and T-91 40mm grenade machine gun, photoelectric detection system is also changed to a configuration that can be quickly exchanged from the front. The combination of the 7.62mm machine gun and the 40mm grenade machine gun is chosen because the ballistic characteristics of the two are close to each other, and the same target can be used for both "sweeping and firing". The ballistic characteristics of the 12.7mm machine gun are different from those of the 40mm machine gun. The range is far away, it is difficult for both to shoot at the same time, and it will cause trouble to the weapon control system of the weapon station. T-91 is a joint development of the US MK-19 grenade machine gun, but the internal design is deliberately different from the original factory to avoid patent infringement. This type of remote weapon station has a total of 224 40mm grenade and 1400 7.62mm machine gun bullets.

The 96-type weapon station uses computerized interface operation, including observation, rotation and aiming shooting. It is very convenient to operate by the commercial flat panel display and rocker interface in front of the gunner's seat. In addition, the car also carries a 40mm grenade machine gun angle bracket (located in the toolbox on the top of the rear), if necessary, the 40mm grenade machine gun can be removed and used alone.

The Army decided to use the 96-type remote-controlled weapon station as the standard armor of the CM-32 armored personnel carrier. Since it does not occupy the interior space at all, it is theoretically possible to load up to 9 to 11 infantry.

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