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8th Corps

9th group of chemical soldiers Qishan, Kaohsiung)
4th Group of EngineersXinhua, Tainan)"Shen Axe Force"
5th Group of EngineersXinhua, Tainan)"Shen Axe Force"
5th Group of Resources and PowerQishan, Kaohsiung
7th Group of Resources and PowerQishan, Kaohsiung
Southern District Specialty Training CenterFengshan, Kaohsiung
43rd Artillery CommandDashu, Kaohsiung"Tian Lei Troops"
4th Regional Support CommandQishan, Kaohsiung
5th Armored BrigadeYongkang, Tainan"Shaokang Force"
6th Armored BrigadeYongkang, Tainan"Shaokang Force"
3rd Mechanized Infantry BrigadeWanluan, Pingtung"Puguang Force"
33rd Mechanized Infantry BrigadeWanluan, Pingtung"Puguang Force"
203rd Infantry BrigadeTai'nei, Tainan"Practical Forces"
Name: Gan-Chan Troop
Date: Founded in 1979


  • 103 Infantry BDE
  • 108 Infantry BDE
  • 117 Infantry BDE
  • 136 Infantry BDE
  • 137 Infantry BDE
  • 298 Motorized Infantry BDE
  • 395 Armored Infantry BDE (Pingtung)
  • 564 Armor BDE (Kaohsiung)

  • 43 Artillery Command
  • 54 Engineer Group
  • 39 Chemical Warfare Group

  • U/I Infantry Division

Army reserve training headquarters was established at Taoyuan Huton Montain in July 1995, based on Fourth Army and migrated Taichung Gancheng camp in August. It was renamed to “Army training headquarter” in December 1964, then merged into “Army training and combat developing headquarter” with Army combat developing headquarter in Jane 1966, then migrated to Fengshan Weiwu camp in November 1970, because of “Kinton policy”.

In responsed to the demand of Taiwan and Wuhu’s defensive strategy, Army implemented “Kunluu policy” in July 1, 1979, Army training and combat developing headquarter renamed to “8th Army headquarter”.

Due to ROC Armed Forces reorganization in 2006, the title of the Crops has renamed as “8th Army Command.”

The 8th Corps in concentrated in Southern Taiwan and is comprised of five infantry brigades, one motorized infantry brigade, an armored infantry brigade, and one armor brigade. 8th Corps also has engineer and chemical warfare groups as well as an artillery command.

Prior to the reorganization of the ROCA in the late 1990s and early 2000s the corps was comprised of two infantry divisions. SAs of 2013 the combat units under the 8th Corps mainly included the 33rd and 46th division command structures, the 103rd, 108th, 117, and 137th garrison brigades, and the 298th Motorized Infantry Brigade, 395th Infantry Brigade, and 564th Armored Brigade. , The 603rd Air Cavalry Brigade (expanded by the Army Aviation Training Command during the war) and 4 strike brigades; combat support units include the 43rd Artillery Command, 54th Combat Engineer Group, 75th Signal Corps and 39th Chemical Corps Etc.; the service support unit has the 4th logistics command. In addition, the Marine Corps 99th Garrison Brigade and Base Guard Brigade (under) are also stationed in the defense area. writes

On March 1, 1939, the 200th Division of the National Revolutionary Army was expanded into the Fifth Army of the National Revolutionary Army , commander Du Yuming. On October 1, 1949, the 19th Army of the Army was established in Shantou, Guangdong, commanded by Major General Liu Yunhan. On June 1, 1950, the Taiwan Eastern Defense Zone Command of the Taiwan Garrison Command was established in Hualien, Taiwan, and the commander was Lieutenant General Yuan Pu.

On July 1, 1954, the Fifth Army of the National Revolutionary Army and the Nineteenth Army of the National Revolutionary Army were merged into the Fourth Army in Kinmen, Fujian . The commander was Lieutenant General Hu Yixuan. On July 1, 1955, the headquarters of the eastern defensive zone of Taiwan and the Fourth Army were incorporated into the " Army Reserve Training Command " at Hutou Mountain in Taoyuan , commander Lieutenant General Liu Anqi.

On August 15, 1955, the headquarters of the Reserve Forces Training Command was adjusted to Gancheng, Taichung. On September 1, 1964, the Army Combat Development Command was established in Longtan, Taoyuan, commander Lieutenant General Tan Peng. On December 18, 1964, the designation of the Reserve Forces Training Command was changed to " Army Training Command " and the commander was Lieutenant General Hua Jinxiang. On June 16, 1966, the Army Training Command and the Army Combat Development Command were merged into the " Army Training Combat Development Command ", stationed in Gancheng, Taichung, commander Lieutenant General Luo Youlun. On November 14, 1970, the Army Training and Combat Development Headquarters was adjusted to Fengshan, Kaohsiung, commander Lieutenant General Yuan Guozheng.

On July 1, 1979, due to the Kunlun case, it was reorganized into the " Army Eighth Army Headquarters ", which was subordinate to the Army Headquarters and took over the ground defense operations of the Fourth War Zone. It was stationed in Kaohsiung Guarding Wuying District, commander Lieutenant General Chen Shoushan, Deputy Commander Major General Lu Shaoxia, Deputy Commander Major General Chen Siyu, Chief of Staff Major General Zhao Wanfu, Chief of Staff Major General Zhou Tao, Major General Xu Baoqi, Commander of the Fourth and Third Artillery Command, Major General Liu Guohui, Commander of the Rear Command. The units under its jurisdiction include 108 new trainers (located in Guantian, Tainan), three-three triple heavy infantry divisions (located in Xinhua, Tainan), 101 new trainers (based in Kaohsiung Renwu), and 158 heavy infantry Division (based in Kaohsiung Renmei), 2003 New Defense Trainer (based in Longquan, Pingtung), Chariot Group 703 (based in Longquan, Pingtung, under the jurisdiction of Longquan Qiqisi Camp, Tainan Qiqiwu Camp, and East Coast Qiqiwu Battalion, swapped with Penghu Mechanized 702 Group in the mid-1970s).

On August 9, 1979, the station was adjusted to Taishan Camp in Qishan, Kaohsiung. On July 16, 1999, due to the reconstruction of Taishan camp, it was temporarily moved to Fengshan Weiwu camp. In November 2003, the Taishan camp was rebuilt and moved back to Qishan. On March 1, 2006, it was renamed "Army Eighth Army Command".

The Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Han Guoyu, led the Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau Cao Huanrong and was accompanied by the Kaohsiung Military Service Station to the Eighth Army Command Headquarters to listen to the Deputy Commander Major General Luo Laiyang’s briefing on disaster prevention in Kaohsiung. Mayor Han expressed his gratitude to the headquarters for supporting Kaohsiung’s disaster relief and disinfection and epidemic prevention work as quickly as possible during natural disasters and dengue fever outbreaks. Please continue to give Kaohsiung strength in the future to actively invest when the people need it, and protect the lives and wealth of the people Safe and strong backing. Afterwards, Mayor Han gave the troops a bonus for the festival, and shook hands with the officers and soldiers one by one, caring about their living conditions, and wishing the soldiers present a happy festive season!

An active duty military officer in the Taiwanese Army was caught trying to hand over confidential military information to China. According to the local time 13 August 2020, the Taiwan Free Times and Yonhap News, a lieutenant colonel of the Taiwan 8th Corps is accused of trying to take pictures of’Hangwang 36' training in the middle of the past month with a mobile phone without a SIM card. The Hankwang drill is to check the repulsion ability and defense posture assuming the situation of an armed invasion by the Chinese military, and has been conducted annually since 1984.

The lieutenant colonel is being arrested and investigated by authorities while attempting to hand over classified materials to China through an acquaintance on Jinmen Island, 1.8 km from Fujian, China. The Taiwan Ministry of Defense said the previous day that the military and related agencies conducted a joint investigation and blocked the leakage of confidential information. The Ministry of Defense also explained that China’s methods of infiltrating Taiwan are increasingly diversifying, and it is planning to actively take measures to protect confidential data using leaves.

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