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LST Endurance

L Name Builder Launch Comm De-Comm Notes
207 Endurance ST Marine 14-Mar-1998 18-Mar-2000   Officiating VIP was Mrs Tony Tan, wife of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Tony Tan.
208 Resolution ST Marine 1-Aug-1998 18-Mar-2000   Officiating VIP was Mrs Teo Chee Hian, wife of Second Defense Minister RADM (NS), Teo Chee Hean.
209 Persistence ST Marine 13-Mar-1999 7-Apr-2001   Officiating VIP was Mdm Kho Hui Suan, wife of Minister of State for Defence, Matthias Yao.
210 Endeavour ST Marine 13-Feb-2000 7-Apr-2001   Officiating VIP was Minister of State for Defence, and Information and The Arts, David Lim.
* Launch and commissioning dates differ. According to some articles, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Tony Tan commissioned RSS Endurance and RSS Resolution into the 3rd Flotilla's 191 Squadron on 18 March 18 1998 at Tuas Naval Base.

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