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Army of Serbia - Order of Battle

Special Brigade is an elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, with a long tradition of having anti-sabotage, counterterrorist, reconnaissance, paratroops and diving units. It was formed on 29th of September 2006, and that day is celebrated as the Unit Day. It was formed by reorganizing and merging 72nd Special Brigade, 63rd Parachute Brigade, parts of 82nd Maritime Centre and Counterterrorist Detachment Kobre. The Brigade Command is in Pancevo, and the units are stationed in Ni and Pancevo.

Special Brigade conducts complex tasks such as surveillance in strategic, operational and tactical depth for the purpose of performing counterterrorist and counterinsurgency activities; participation in intelligence and counterintelligence actions; resolving hostage situations; disarmament of terrorist, insurgents and criminal armed groups; participation in the blockade of districts and facilities; suppression of armed rebellion; securing the top military and government officials; detecting and marking targets for the action of air force and long-range artillery in the enemy tactical and operational depth; rescue of downed pilots and reconnaissance-sabotage groups and individuals in the enemy rear; airborne landings and air supply.

First Army Brigade was formed on July 31st 2006, from the units of Novi Sad Corps and parts of the First Armoured Brigade and two pontoon battalions (402nd and 485th Pontoon Battalions). The First Brigade celebrates November 9th as its day. On that day in 1918, the units of the Serbian Army, led by Major Vojislav Bugarski, entered Novi Sad, as the centre of the political movement for the separation of Srem, Banat, Backa and Baranja from Austro-Hungary and their annexation to Serbia.

Second Army Brigade was formed on March 28th 2007, from parts of 252nd Armoured Brigade, 20th and 37th Motorized Brigade, 305th Engineer Brigade and 401st Air Defence Artillery Missile Brigade. It also included parts of 228th Signal Battalion, 24th Battalion for Special Operations and 524th Logistics Base of the SAF General Staff. The Second Brigade celebrates July 12th as its day. On that day in 1805, Djordje Petrovic Karadjordje, leader of the First Serbian Uprising, with 6,000 rebels, princes and the most eminent Serbian dukes of the time, won the victory over the Turks in the liberation of the then Karanovac and today the town of Kraljevo and its surroundings.

Third Army Brigade was formed during the organizational and mobilization changes in the Serbian Armed Forces on June 4th 2007, mostly from the manpower and resources of the units located in Southeast Serbia. It consists of parts of 211th Armoured Brigade, 21st Training Centre of reconnaissance units, 4th, 125th and 549th Motorized Brigade, 9th Infantry Brigade, 52nd Mixed Artillery Brigade and 52nd Artillery Missile Brigade, 352nd Engineer Regiment, 201st Logistics Base and Military Medical Centre. Many of these formations had a long and rich tradition and considerable combat and peacetime experience. The Third Brigade celebrates October 7th as its day. On that day, in the First Balkan War, 2nd Infantry Regiment Knjaz Mihajlo of the first call of Morava Division went to war, and in the Second Balkan War, in Bregalnicka Battle, the enemy gave it the title of iron, because of its vigour, intensity and impenetrable defence.

Fourth Army Brigade was formed on June 30th 2007, from parts of 78th and parts of 549th Motorized Brigade and 52nd Mixed Artillery Brigade. The unit continues the tradition of the First Infantry Regiment Prince Milo the Great, which was located in the barracks in Vranje. The Fourth Brigade celebrates January 31st as its day. It is the Liberation day of Vranje from the Turks and also the day of the First Infantry Regiment of Prince Milo the Great. The fourth Army Brigade comprises infantry,armored, artillery and artillery-rocket units of air defense, engineering and signal units. The Fourth Brigade Comamnd HQ is based in Vranje, while the units are based in Bujanovac and Vranje. The current tasks of the LF 4th Brigade are securing the administrative line with Kosovo and exercise control over the Ground Safety Zone (units are stationed in 16 bases). The unit also has the following additional tasks: training commands and units for special tasks; preparing and deploying units to provide support to civil authorities in addressing consequences of natural disasters and catastrophes.

As part of organizational changes in the Serbian Armed Forces, on June 4th 2007, Mixed Artillery Brigade was formed. Command and units of the Mixed Artillery Brigade are deployed in Ni. The Mixed Artillery Brigade celebrates September 14th as its day. On that day in 1918, artillery preparation for the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front which lasted until the beginning of breakthrough on September 15th at 05.30 hrs. About 2,000 artillery tubes sounded the beginning of the long-awaited attack of the allied armies on the Thessaloniki front.

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