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ZPU-2 / Type 58 14mm Anti-Aircraft Artillery

The ZPU-2 was introduced in 1949 and is a twin version of the ZPU-1 basic Soviet 14.5MM machine gun. The ZPU-2 was used in Korea and considered a dangerous opposition in Vietnam. The Type 58 is the Chinese version, while the individual KPV machineguns as the Type 56. The twin ZPU-2 has appeared on two different two-wheeled carriages. The earlier model has larger fenders and a double tubular tow bar. In firing position the crew removes the wheels, and the weapon rests on a three-point platform. The later model, which is lighter in weight, has smaller fenders, a tighter single tow bar, and a tower silhouette. When in firing position the wheels are raised, but not removed. A very similar carriage is used for the twin 23mm automatic antiaircraft gun ZU-23, although the ammunition boxes, barrels and flashhiders are distinctly different. The ZPU-2 was used in the 1970s by some Warsaw Pact armies and by security elements such as the East German Workers' militia. All weapons in this series fire the API (BS 41) projectiles weighing 64.4 grams having a muzzle velocity of 1000 meters per second which will penetrate 32 mm of armour.

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