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ZPU-1 Anti-Aircraft Gun, 14.5mm

The ZPU-1 was introduced into the Soviet Army into the immediate post Second World War period.

The ZPU-1 is a single towed weapon which was obsolete in the Soviet Army by the mid-1970s. Although not used in the Warsaw Pact countries today, the ZPU-1 has been identified in Southeast Asia and in the Middle East. The tight two-wheeled carriage is somewhat similar to the late model ZPU-2, although the tires are smaller. The single ammunition box is to the right of the guick-change barrel. The two wheel carriage of the ZPU-1 was designed by Vodop-Yanov and the Rachinskiy Company, for transport in rough terrain and can be dismantled into units weighing about 176 lbs each.The single and multiple mounts of the ZPU series all use the basic 14.5mm Vladimirov (KPV) heavy machinegun which is also found mounted in various armored vehicles in both the ground and antiaircraft roles. The quick change barrel is air cooled with the ammunition box on the right side. All weapons in this series fire the API (BS 41) projectiles weighing 64.4 grams having a muzzle velocity of 1000 meters per second which will penetrate 32 mm of armour.

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