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Yak-141 Freestyle

Country of Origin Russia
Builder Yakovlev
Role air defence
Similar Aircraft  
Span 33ft 1 1/2in (10.105m);
folded, 19ft 4 1/4in(5.9m)
wing area 341.56ft(2) (31.7m(2))
length overall 60ft 2 3/4in (18.36m)
height 16ft 4 1/4in (5m)
wheel track 9ft lOin (3m)
wheel base 22ft 9 1/4in (6.945m)
tailplane span 19ft 4 1/4in (5.9m)
Weights 25,684lb (11,650kg) Empty, equipped
34,833lb (15,800kg) VTO max take-off weight
42,990lb (19,500kg) STO max take-off weight
Loads 2,204lb (1,OOOkg) VTO max external load
5,732lb (2,600kg) STO max external load
3,858lb (1,750kg) max external fuel
  • 30 mm cannon
  • AA-10 Alamo radar-guided medium-range AAM
  • AA-11 Archer shortrange IR-guided missile
  • bombs
  • unguided rockets
limiting load factor 50% fuel, 7g.
Accommodation Single pilot in a Zvezda K36V rocket-boosted zero-zero ejection-seat.
Power Plant
  • One Kobchenko/Soyuz R-79-300 vectored-thrust lift/cruise turbofan developing 34,170lb (15,500kg) with afterburning for conventional take-off, or 23,148.5lb (10,500kg) dry,
  • two Rybinsk RD- 41 turbofan lift engines each rated at a maximum 9,039lb (4,100kg)
Max internal fuel capacity 9,700lb (4,400kg)
Maximum Speed 675 kts (1,250km/hr) Max level speed, sea level
971 kts (1,800km/hr) at 36,089ft (11,OOOm)
M=1.8 max achievable Mach numbe
vertical climb rate 49,213ft/min (250m/sec)
service ceiling over 49,000ft (15,000m+)
combat radius
  • 351nm (650km) VTO range at sea level, no external weapons
  • 372nm (690km) with 4,409lb (2,000kg) weapon load and take-off run of 394ft (120m)
  • 755nm (1,400km) at 32,808-39,370ft (10-12,000m)
  • 1,133nm (2,100km) max range, with external fuel and short take-off
  • 755nm (1,400km) with vertical takeoff and internal fuel
User Countries USSR
  • Yak-41 ( product 48 ) - the project of the supersonic deck fighter GDP, work on which began in 1973.
  • Yak-41UT ( product 48U ) - training version Yak-41 with an extended fuselage and tandem seating pilots.
  • Yak-41M / Yak-141 ( product 48M ) is a project of multipurpose VTOL as a ship and land based on the basis of developments in VTOL Yak-41. Due to the backlog in terms of development, the aircraft in 1988 received a new designation Yak-141. It was built 4 copies of the Yak-141, including one pre-series. Serial production of Yak-141 did not take place due to the termination of financing in 1992.
  • Yak-43 ( product 201 ) - a shortened takeoff and landing aircraft (SUVP), a "land" version of the Yak-41 with an enlarged wing area and an NK-32 engine with a swivel nozzle.
  • Yak-201 is a 5th generation aircraft project based on the Yak-141 VTOL, designed by Yakovlev Design Bureau on its own initiative and at its own expense in the mid-1990s. It is executed with a canard scheme with use of technologies to decrease radar visibility. The power plant was to include a new PMD with a maximum thrust of 17,500 kgf and a mechanical drive to the lift fan. The aircraft was supposed to have a lifting mass of 21,500 kg (including 6,000 kg of fuel) and a combat load of up to 4200 kg. The combat radius of the new VTOL was to be 2,400 km with a combat load of 1 ton and 900 km with a combat load of 2 tonnes. It was planned to use new weapons systems and avionics. Participated in the competition on the LFI program (the creation of an easy front-line fighter for the Russian Air Force), but was not accepted by the customer.

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