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Byelorussian Military District

Belarus inherited from the Soviet Union of the largest and best equipped groups, numbering more than 200,000 men and making up the Belorussian Military District. At the time of independence, every 43rd citizen of Belarus was a soldier.

Belarus had been a Soviet military district with 27 sites subject to inspection under the INF Treaty. From 1988 through 1991, U.S. inspection teams had conducted more than 100 INF Treaty inspections in Belarus. Two major INF Treaty reduction centers, Lesnaya and Stankovo, had been located within the Byelorussian Military District. Most of the officers and specialists who operated these reduction centers were incorporated into the new Belarus National Agency for Control and Inspection.

The Belarus National Agency for Control and Inspection (NAKI) was established in June 1992, just weeks before the CFE Treaty entered into force. Under the treaty, Belarus had 87 sites subject to inspection. Even more important, the nation had a reduction liability of 1,873 tanks, 1,441 armored personnel vehicles, and 130 fighters. This was a significant reduction liability, especially since Belarus was a newly independent nation, having achieved its independence in December 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the national verification agency was set up, the president made it directly subordinate to the Deputy Minister of Defense for Military Policy of the Republic. General-Major Viktor K. Vakar served as the agency's first Commander.

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