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Vishnya class

Builder:"Stocznia Polnocna", Gdansk, Poland
Year: 1987
Displacement: 3,800 tons full load
Speed:16,5 knots
Dimensions: 91.5 x 14.5 x 5.6 meters / 300.2 x 47.5 x 18.3 feet
Propulsion: 2x2200 hp, diesels Sulzer 12AV25/30, 2x150 hp electric motors, 4 diesel generators x500 kW
Crew: 220
Special Systems: Complexes signals intelligence (PP)
  • "Profil-M" - automatic system for detection, interception, analysis and direction finding radio transmitting means in HF band.
  • "Rotor-S" - the ship's complex search and DF radio VHF.
  • Prokhlada ["Cool"] - a complex electronic intelligence electromagnetic fields.

    Complexes electronic intelligence (RTR)
  • "Vizir-M" - Finder P-707 to determine the direction of the source of radio emission MHz band with indicator of bearing.
  • Radioaltimeter "Konus-K" - is used to determine the true height, and the issuance of data on three coordinates of a flying object.
  • Direction Finder "Zarya-1 - (on Pelengator finder determine the direction of the source of radio emission.

    Hydroacoustic station (SAS)
  • SAS ICR-303 - determines the position of the object on the time delay of the reflected wave returns.
  • OGAS MG-349-M "Oh" - sonar III-rd generation with the antenna in a fairing lowers.
  • Missiles:

    2x4 launchers SAM system 9K38 "Igla" (16 missiles 9M39)

    Guns: 2 - AK-630 CIWS. Gatling Guns

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