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Modification Tu-128
Manufacturer Tupolev
Mission All Weather Fighter
Wingspan, meters 17.53 - 19.8
Aircraft Length meters 27.43-30.06
Height, meters 7.15
Wing area, meters2 96.94
Weight, kg
empty 24500
normal takeoff 40000
maximum take-off 43700
Internal fuel, kg 13000
Engines 2 THD Saturn AL-7F2
Thrust, kgf 2 x 10100
Max. Speed Mach 1.6
Maximum speed km / h
SD- 1655
without SD 1910
Practical flight range, km 1250-2565
Practical ceiling, meters 15600-16000
Crew 2
Armament 2 SD air-to-air R-4PM and 2 P-4TM
  • Tu-98 prototype interceptor "128"
  • Tu-102 The prototype, built only one.
  • Tu-28P The first production version.
  • Tu-28A - a modernization project for engines VD-19, missiles K-80M and radar RP-SA "Smerch-A" or missile K-100 and radar "Groza-100" (complexes Tu-28A-80 and Tu-28A-100).
  • Tu-128 (the "I" airplane) - an interceptor with AL-7F-2 engines (an element of the Tu128S-4 interception complex), together with an experimental aircraft, 188 vehicles were built.
  • Tu-128UT (I-UT aircraft) - training version of the aircraft with an additional instructor's cabin mounted instead of the Smerch radar, 4 were converted from serial Tu-128, ten were built again.
  • Tu-128M - (the I-M aircraft is a modernized aircraft with advanced capabilities to intercept low-altitude targets, an element of the intercept system Tu-128S-4M (missiles R-4TM and radar RP-SM "Smerch-M"), two serial cars were produced, the rest were converted into the modernization of machines in service.
  • Tu-128 2AL-7F-4G - serial aircraft, re-equipped for the experienced engines AL-7F-4 and AL-7F-4G.
  • Tu-128 2RD-19R2 ( Tu-128 2P-15B-300, Tu-128 2RD-36-41) - projects of re-equipment of Tu-128 for perspective turbojet engines.
  • Tu-128LL 2VD-19 - flying laboratory, designed to develop a new power plant, according to the program for the creation of the Tu-28A.
  • Tu-128 (multi-purpose) in the version of the multipurpose aircraft - the project of equipping the Tu-128 with a set of NURS, URS, bombs, and cannons in suspension containers or reconnaissance equipment.
  • Tu-128B project modification Tu128 in the front bomber-missile carrier.
  • aircraft "138" and "148" projects of deep modernization of Tu-128 (complexes Tu-138-60, Tu-138-100, Tu-148-100 and Tu-148-33).

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