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Top Pair

The S-300 (NATO reporting name SA-10 Grumble) is a series of initially Soviet and later Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems produced by NPO Almaz. The naval version utilises the TOP SAIL or TOP STEER, TOP PAIR and 3R41 Volna (TOP DOME) radar and utilises command guidance with a terminal semi-active radar homing (SARH) mode. Its first installation and sea trials were on a Kara class cruiser and it is also installed on Slava class cruisers and Kirov class battlecruisers.It is stored in eight (Slava) or twelve (Kirov) 8-missile rotary launchers below decks.

Admiral Ushakov (Kirov) is the lead ship of a class of four nuclear powered cruisers built by the Soviet Union. The Top Pair air search ensemble consists of the Top Sail and Big Net radars. Designed to be carrier killers, the cruisers of the class were designed like the other classes of Soviet Rocket Cruisers (RKR) to offset the strength of the NATO fleets, the carrier. Behind the twin stacks are eight cylinders, resembling the end of a revolver handgun cylinder. Each cylinder has eight Fort (SA-N-6) Surface to Air (SAM) missiles. These missiles are 64S-300MPU/3R41 or 5V-55, NATO Code name Grumble missiles, in their vertically stored and launched (VLS) cylinders. Radars include the MR-800 Voshkod/Top Pair 3-D long range air search and the MR-700 Fregat/Top Steer 3-D air search systems.

Broadway cards are generally defined as two cards that are Ten or better. There is a defined pecking order of broadway hands, where clearly, some hands are better than others. At the root is the idea of expected value (EV). Fundamentally , The very best non-paired hand is AKs, AKo. AQs, AQo, AJs, are in the second tier, followed closely by AJo, ATs, KQs, KJs, etc.

Broadway cards are perhaps the most difficult to play, and the easiest to lose money with by virtue of the fact that if the board pairs your hand, your flopped top pair may or may not be the best hand. Not only could your top pair hand be dominated by a better kicker, but a top pair hand is more difficult to fold than a suited connector hand. In comparison, regular suited connectors, most of the time, are not going to flop top pair - and when you do, you know it is a very vulnerable top pair. Regardless, people play all broadway cards, despite getting proper odds or understanding the reasons behind it. In a nutshell, they think: "KT! Two paint cards! That's a good hand! I can call this raise and be good on a King high flop or a Ten high flop," when the reality is that there are many hands that have KT crushed... namely AK, KQ, KJ, AT, AA, KK, etc., and proceed to stack off their top pair hand to any of the listed hands.

 MR-800 Voshkod / Top Pair radar  MR-800 Voshkod / Top Pair radar

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