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T-72B3 Medium Tank

The first batch of Russian T-72B3 battle tanks of the latest upgrade will enter service with the First Guards Tank Army divisions deployed in the Moscow Region, Col. Igor Muginov, a spokesman for the Western Military District, said 10 January 2016. The modernized version includes more powerful engine and improved fire control system. The driving position is equipped with an automatic transmission, digital display, and rear view camera. The tank hull was also modernized. The T-72B3 is the latest modernized version of the T-72 Soviet battle tank developed in late 1960s. It features a ballistic computer for better accuracy and thermal weapon sights, as well as new-generation communications equipment.

In 2011, it was decided to stop buying new tanks of the T-90 family. The Ministry of Defense decided that the T-80 and modifications will not be upgraded, and all funds would be used for the overhaul and modernization of the existing T-72. Contract for the modernization of tanks was signed in May 2012 as part of a broader agreement that should load the capacities "Uralvagonzavod" at least three years. The general public was introduced only in 2013 to the T-72B3 Main Battle Tank. According to the Defense Ministry, by the end of the 2013 year land forces received more than 270 vehicles of this modification.

According to the military, the tank is well established both at competitions and in service, and in 2014 the delivery of upgraded vehicles to the troops continued. Omsk Plant of transport machine building, where the T-72B was designed almost 30 years earlier, is turning them into modern T-72B3.

The T-72B3 is actually a compromise between price and capabilities, adjusted for state armored forces and future emergence of a new technology. Since the T-72B3 is a relatively simple modernization of the T-72B, established in the late eighties, the appearance of these armored vehicles varies by only a few small details. However, such "trifles" can have a significant impact on the performance and capabilities of combat vehicle.

The T-72B3 inherits from its predecessor only the only the hull and turret. The new chassis and a more powerful engine increases the manoeuvrability of the tank and, as a consequence, survival on the battlefield. It has an improved 125 mm gun, with a 15% lower dispersion of projectiles on target compared to the T-72, and when firing on the move, by 1.7 times. In addition, the machine is equipped with a sighting system, allows to fire not only gunner, but the commander of a tank-guided missiles, sensors while shooting, a new radio station and armor units. After the modernization it is claimed to be comparable to the T-90, currently the most modern Russian tanks.

Funding agreements were more than six billion rubles. In addition to these funds, the company would receive another 6.2 billion rubles for the modernization of production.

In Alabino in August 2013 at the site of an educational complex Taman Division demonstrated last modification "semdesyatdvoyki" - T-72B3, looks different with the latest multi-channel gunner's sight "Sosna-U" and the lack of IR illuminator L-4A "Moon" next to the mask gun. Earlier in the T-72B was used active-passive night sight, some modes use an infrared searchlight L-4A "Moon". At the T-72B3 spotlight absent due to application of a new sight with night channel. Compared with the T-72B3 first series turret on the site of the IR illuminator L-4A "Moon" is covered by blocks WHD "Kontakt-5."

The new multi-channel gunner's sight "Sosna-U." This device allows the gunner to find targets with optical and thermal channels. In addition, the "Pine-U" is equipped with a laser range finder and control system anti-tank missiles. Thus, using only one device can perform the gunner in the combat several necessary functions.

Unfortunately, when creating the T-72B3 tank designers made an ambiguous or even a controversial technical decision. External units sight "Sosna-U" placed inside the light-armored housing, protecting them from bullets and shrapnel. In the stowed position, the front window of the housing lid. The latter is attached to the casing by means of bolts. Because of this, before shooting the crew must leave the car and manually remove the cover of the sight. Housing cover sight on domestic tanks are usually equipped with devices to open them with jobs crew. For some reason, the project T-72B3 used as the original, but a strange decision - is unknown.

Tank got a new 125-mm gun 2A46M-5, a new radio VHF P-168-25U-2 "Aqueduct", a new fire-fighting equipment (PPO), and a new multi-channel gunner's sight (ISM) "Pine-U." The sight has 4 channels: optical, thermal, laser rangefinder channel and the control channel anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). ISM "Sosna-U" is set instead of the regular sight-guidance device 1K-13-49. Old Gunner 1A40-1 left in the regular place as a substitute. The commander of the unit received TKN-3MK with the system "double", which provides the opportunity of fire commander.

T-72B3At the T-72B3 installed built-in dynamic protection (WHD) "Kontakt-5", and not a new DZ "Relic", which protects the tank from modern tandem ammunition; Tank has not received anti-aircraft machine-gun closed installation (TAL) - remained open LSD with manual control.

Instead of 1000-horsepower V-92S2, which is mounted on the T-90A (Object 188A) and the upgraded T-72BA (Object 184A), the T-72B3 used a completely renovated B-84-1 capacity of 840 hp Driving performance of the T-72B3 remained at the same level as that of the T-72B. Therefore, the mobility characteristics are not increased. The tank is equipped with GLONASS receivers / GPS.

The cost of major repairs to the modernization of the T-72B3 is 52 mln. Rubles. Of these, about 30 mln. Rubles go for the overhaul of the tank and its diesel V-84-1. Purchase cost of the T-90A is abou 70 mln. Rubles. (2009) to 118 mln. Rubles. (2011).

At the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition Russia Arms Expo (RAE 2013), which began work today in Nizhny Tagil, in the exposition of "Research and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "JSC SPC" MSC "presented two of his products. Demonstrated for the first time a full-scale sample of the modified active protection of objects of armored vehicles "Arena-E" on the modernized tanks T-72B3.

Protection sector in azimuth at the complex expanded to circular. If the previous modification of anti-tank guided missile hit and anti-tank grenades, the new designed and more to destroy the artillery shells cumulative. Instead monobloc radar are telltale signs, the new "Arena-E" is equipped with a multi radar, distributed along the contour of the turret. Reduction in the number of protective ammunition. The total mass of the complex is reduced by more than half.

More than 70 modernized T-72B3 tanks will be put into service in the Russian Eastern Military District before the end of 2015. A motorized infantry brigade in Russia's Kemerovo Region received 15 modernized T-72B3 tanks, official representative of the Central Military District Col. Yaroslav Roschupkin announced 1 March 2015. The new tanks replace the T-72B1 tanks that are still in service in a number of military units at the Russian Eastern Military District.

More than ten modernized tanks T-72B3 entered the compound motorized infantry of the Western Military District / ZVO / stationed in the Moscow region in October 2015. The head of the press service district Oleg Kochetkov spoke to journalists. "Currently, the staff of Panzer divisions Division is testing the new combat vehicles in the field. Ahead test crews modern technology live fire", - he said.

T-72B3 is a version of the T-72 modernized to the level of T-90, said Kochetkov. Fires 125-mm smoothbore gun, thanks to its modernization have the opportunity to use new armor-piercing projectiles. Accuracy both places, and in the movement enhanced by modern tank installed on a ballistic computer, an improved stabilizer and machine tracking.

In addition, T-72B3 has the latest fire control system. Digital ballistic computer allows several times to reduce the time made calculations and increase their efficiency. Thermal sight of the main channel ensures reliable operation of the devices guidance in all weather conditions, regardless of the time of day.

"Uralvagonzavod" would sign a contract at the end of March 2016 with the Russian Defense Ministerstrom worth over 2.5 billion rubles for the modernization of 150 tanks T-72B to the level of the T-72B3, said "Izvestia" on 10 March 2016 referring to the deputy general director of "Uralvagonzavod" Alexei Zharich. This report is a bit confusing, because the upgrade is with a more powerful engine, which is to the T-72B3M [aka T-72B4] standard.

The new version of the T-72 - the T-72M with the engine of increased power and enhanced protection - is already supplied to the troops and should become the most mass machine in the Russian army. The new tanks were presented to the general public at the parade in Moscow on May 9. "We are talking about an already created tank - T-72M, a limited party purchased the department, the tank was demonstrated at the Victory Parade," - explained Uralvagonzavod (UVZ).

This appears to be the T-72B3 arr. 2016, a modification of the T-72B3 arr. 2011 with anti-cumulative screen grids, Modular Dynamic Protection Complex Relic , 2A46M-5-01 cannon, B-92S2F engine, automatic gearbox, digital display, rearview television camera, 2E58 armament stabilizerand a mechanic- driver TVN-5. Combat weight 46 tons. It was first presented to the public at the military parade on Red Square on May 9, 2017.

The corporation added that the main differences between the new version of the T-72B3 are engine capacity of 1130 liters. with., enhanced dynamic protection, the presence of anti-cumulative gratings and updated on-board equipment. Also, the tank received a laser system to account for the curvature of the gun barrel after the shot, which increases the accuracy of target destruction. "It is expected that this tank will be the most massive in the Russian Ground Forces," the UVZ added.

  • T-72M (1980) - an export version of the T-72A tank. It was distinguished by the armor design of the tower, the ammunition bundle and the collective defense system.
  • T-72M1 (1982) - modernization of the T-72M tank. It featured an additional 16 mm armor plate on the upper frontal part of the hull and a combined tower armor with sand bars as a filler.
  • T-72M1K (T-72M1K, object 172M2, not to be confused with the object 172-M2 / 172M-2M "Buffalo" ) - export upgrading of the T-72M1 tank equipped with a DZ, a new MSA, a satellite navigation system interfaced with the TIUS. Originally equipped with KAZT "Arena" and mixed complex DZ, "Contact 5" for VLD, and " Relikt " on the tower (then the tank was probably only a running mock-up), later a full complex of DZ " Relict "was installed, and KAZT "Arena" . There is also a target tracking machine. Installed KUV 9K119 "Reflex" and SEMZ. The engine was replaced by a B92C2 with a capacity of 1000 liters.

The T-72M tank is not produced as a new vehicle, T-72B3 tanks being upgraded to the "M" level are being modernized. The new T-72 is presented in the static exposition of the competition "Tank biathlon", which started on 28 July 2018 in the Moscow region of Kubinka. The tank is designated as "T-72B3 with additional protection". The machine, in particular, can have a double side screen - then on top of a rigid body kit over the tracks with built-in dynamic protection are attached fabric bags with additional blocks. It is equipped with the most modern Russian tank weapon - 2A46M-5.

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