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T-54 / T-55 Series Tanks

Alternative Designations T-55AMV 
Date of Introduction 1983 
Current Using Countries (all models of T-55)
Afghanistan Albania Algeria
Angola Azerbaijan Bangladesh
Belarus Bosnia-Herz. Bulgaria
Cambodia Cent. African Rep. Chad
China Congo Croatia
Cuba Czech Republic Egypt
Ethiopia Finland Georgia
Guinea Hungary India
Iran Iraq Korea (north)
Laos Lebanon Libya
Macedonia [T-55A] Malawi Mauritania
Mongolia Mozambique Namibia
Nicaragua Nigeria Pakistan
Peru Poland Romania
Russia Slovakia Slovenia
Somalia Sri Lanka Sudan
Syria Tanzania Togo
Uganda Ukraine Uzbekistan
Vietnam Yemen Yugoslavia
Zambia Zimbabwe  

Crew 4
Combat Weight (mt) 40.5
Chassis Length Overall (m) 6.20
Height Overall (m) 2.32
Width Overall (m) 3.60
Ground Pressure (kg/cm 2 ) 0.89
Automotive Performance  
Engine Type 620-690 hp Diesel
Cruising Range (km) 390/600 with extra tanks
Speed (km/h)  
Max Road 50
Max Off-Road 35
Average Cross-Country 25
Max Swim N/A
Fording Depths (m) 1.4 Unprepared, 5.5 with snorkel
Radio R-173, R-173P, R-124 intercom
Armor, Turret Front (mm) 200 (base T-55 armor)
Applique Armor (mm) Rubber screens and box armor
Explosive Reactive Armor (mm) 1st Gen raises to KE/700-900
against HEAT; 2nd Gen raises to 450-480 KE/700-900 HEAT  
Active Protective System Russian Drozd APS available
Mineclearing Equipment Roller-plow set, and plows available
Self-Entrenching Blade No
NBC Protection System Yes
Smoke Equipment Smoke grenade launchers (4x 81-mm each side of turret), and 24 grenades. Vehicle engine exhaust smoke system
Main Armaments  
Caliber, Type, Name 100-mm rifled gun, D-10T2S
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 5-7
Loader Type Manual
Ready/Stowed Rounds INA
Elevation () -5 to +18
Fire on Move Yes (gun rounds only--ATGMs require a short halt)
Auxiliary Weapon  
Caliber, Type, Name 7.62-mm (7.62x 54R) Machinegun PKT-T
Mount Type Turret coax
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,000
Max Effective Range (m)  
Day 800
Night 800
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 250 rpm practical, 800 cyclic, 2-10 rd bursts
Caliber, Type, Name 12.7-mm (12.7x108) AA MG DShKM
Mount Type Turret top
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,000
Max Effective Range (m)  
Day 1,500
Night N/A
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 80-100 practical, 600 cyclic, 2-10 rd bursts
ATGM Launcher  
Name D-10T2S gun
Launch Method Gun-launched
Guidance SACLOS, Infrared laser-beam rider
Command Link Encoded laser-beam
Launcher Dismountable No
FCS Name Volna
Main Gun Stabilization M1 Tsiklon 2-plane
Rangefinder KDT-2 Laser
Infrared Searchlight L-4
Sights w/Magnification  
Day TShSM-32PV, 3.5x and 7x
Field of View () 18 and 8
Acquisition Range (m) 4,000
Night 1K13
Field of View () INA
Acquisition Range (m) 800-1,300, gun rounds only
Commander Fire Main Gun No
Caliber, Type, Name  
100-mm BM-8 Russian  
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,500
Max Effective Range (m) 
Day 1,500
Night 800-1,300
Armor Penetration (mm) 200 at 1,000 meters
100-mm APFSDS-T, BM-25  
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,500
Max Effective Range (m)  
Night 800-1,300
Armor Penetration (mm) INA
100-mm APFSDS-T, BM-412M, Romanian  
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,500
Max Effective Range (m)  
Day 2, 000+ (est)
Night 800-1,300
Armor Penetration (mm) 418 at 2,000 m, 380 at 3,000 m
100-mm APFSDS-T, M1000, Belgian  
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,500
Max Effective Range (m)  
Day 2,500 (est)
Night 800-1,300
Armor Penetration (mm) NATO triple heavy target, 4,500 m
100-mm HEAT, BK-17  
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,500
Max Effective Range (m)  
Day 1,000 (est)
Night 800-1,000 (est)
Armor Penetration (mm) 380
100-mm Frag-HE, OF-32  
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 4,000
Max Effective Range (m)  
Day 2,500
Night 800-1,300
Armor Penetration (mm) INA
Other Ammunition Types A variety of other rounds within the range noted above are available. They include the GIAT NR 322/ NR 352 APFSDS-T and Slovak JPrSv AP-T with ranges beyond 2,000 m. Antitank Guided Missiles
Warhead Type Shaped charge (HEAT)
Armor Penetration (mm) 650 (RHA)
Range (m) 4,000 (day only)
Name AT-10 Improved
Warhead Type Tandem shaped charge
Armor Penetration (mm) 700 (RHA) behind ERA
Range (m) 4,000 (day only)

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