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Superjet 100 / Russian Regional Jet - RRJ - Design features

Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft family (75- and 95-seaters) enjoys 95% commonality in airframe, wing, propulsion system, cockpit and main systems. Passenger capacity is increased by insertions within the central part of the fuselage that lengthen the passenger cabin. All SSJ100s have wings of the same geometry. Their flight range could be increased by minimal changes of the fuel system of the aircraft. High level of commonality fosters training, maintenance and repair cost reduction when operating different types of the SSJ100 aircraft as a single fleet.

Leading-edge technologies, being the core ingredient of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 Project, penetrate its every stage from design and development to final assembly. Fuel efficiency is secured by the third generation supercritical airfoil wing and excellent local aerodynamics. The optimal aerodynamic layout has been formed using cutting-edge technologies in aerodynamic design and undergoing tests in aerodynamic tunnels.

High fuel efficiency of the SSJ100 family is determined by modern engines produced by applying the CFM56 & Tech56 technologies. The engine is distinguished for its excellent performance. SaM146 engine developed by PowerJet to meet the highest requirements of the SSJ100. A strong focus was put on engine maintainability. Now the blades can be replaced with engine on the wing. Owing to the new modular design, the engine employs 20% less parts, which significantly streamlines maintenance operations. Thanks to new technologies applied for the SaM146 production, all SSJ100 aircraft meet the strictest ecological demands and surpass the highest existing and future ICAO requirements in terms of noise and emissions levels.

Perfectly balanced aircraft control laws in autopilot mode, weight perfection and the SaM146 engine reduce fuel consumption.

Optimal piloting in automated mode together with the failure-safe flight control system ensure additional fuel efficiency and improve flight safety. Sukhoi Superjet 100 failure-safe FBW architecture means no more mechanical redundancy. The horizontal stabilizer is also controlled by fly-by-wire, leading to stabilizer optimal size and reduction of aerodynamic and trim resistance. Sukhoi Superjet 100 is algorithmically protected against tail/runway collision induced by pilot.

The remote control system (RCS) is based upon three two-channel upper level computers (PFCU Primary Flight Computer Unit) adding two-channel lower level computers (ACE Actuator Control Electronics). PFCUs process command signals coming from the cockpit, autopilot and avionics. Besides, it optimizes piloting performance in all flight modes. In case of in-flight system failures, the RCS switches to the standby control circuit offering piloting characteristics similar to those of manual flight mode.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 features fully electronic fly-by-wire control system for piloting, landing gear extension and retraction, and a break system to prove its high maintainability and weight perfection.

The THALES-designed avionics open architecture is based on integrated modular technology. This helped to decrease the number of structure modules by 15% and to facilitate maintenance procedures. Sukhoi Superjet 100 is equipped with a built-in failure detection system able to find any failure including those at the LRU level of any major aircraft system. Moreover, the basic configuration of avionics offers wider functionality, including triple ultra-short-wave communication system with ACARS function, the second generation T2CAS system designed to prevent collision as well as the IIIA ICAO category approach capabilities.

Thanks to the enhanced lighting system of the aircraft based on LCD-technologies, the SSJ-100 provides for more comfortable stay of the passengers on-board and for costs cuts for the airlines due to more efficient service. The cockpit design features a passive side stick and active engine control levers. The Human Centered Design concept perfectly arranges the control levers and on-board equipment. In case of emergency, SSJ100 can be landed by one pilot only. Dark and Quiet Cockpit offers precise, convenient and reliable piloting of Sukhoi Superjet 100.

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