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Su-35BM Specifications

Length 21.9 m
Wing span 15.3 m
Height 5.9 m
T-O weight (max), kg 34000
Take-off weight,- normal (2 x RVV-AE + 2 x R-73E) 25,300 kg
Maximal fuel load in internal fuel tanks, spec. weight 0.785 g/ (normal/max) 11,500 kg
Max landing weight, kg
Propulsion 2 14,500 kg thrust By-pass turbojet engine
Maximum speed
  • - H=200 m, km/h 1,400
  • H=11,000 m , M 2.25
  • Speed of cruise mach 1,05 (super-cruise)
    Radius of action at sea level, ?=0, ?=0.7 1580km
    Radius of action at maximum altitude, ?cr, ? cr 3.600km
    Radius of action with 2 ? PTB-2000 external tanks 4.500km
    Max flight range with internal fuel reserve, km
    Max flight range with one in-flight refuelling, km
    Max T-O run at normal T-O weight (full afterburner) m 400-450
    Max landing run on concrete runway in braking mode with brake parachute and wheel brakes use, with standard landing weight m 650
    Service ceiling, m 18.800m
    Load factor limit, g g 9
    Rate of climb (?=1,000 m) =280 m/sec
    Rate of turn: * 32/s
    Rate of rolling: *270/s
    Acceleration time at H=1,000 m and fuel bingo 50% of the standard capacity
  • 13.8 sec from 600 km/h to 1,100 km/h
  • 8.0 sec from 1,100 km/h to 1,300 km/h
  • Weaponry Options
    Capacity of weapons 8,000 kg
    Hard points 12
  • R-74M (short reach)
  • R-77M1 (R-77-PD)
  • Ks-172-1 (anti-aew/awacs)
  • PJ-10 brahmos anti-ship missile
  • Kh-59MK anti-ship missile
  • KH-31PK antiradar missile
  • R-27P antiradar missile
  • Kh-65 new anti-bunker guided missile
  • KAB-500S, KAB-1500LG and LGB-250 non-guided bombs
  • Combat Potential Air-to-air mode
  • 30 targets tracking
  • 8 targets simultaneous attack

    Air-to-surface mode
  • 4 targets tracking
  • 2 targets simultaneous attack

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