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The Su-27SK single-seat multi-role fighter is an export version of the Su-27 fighter that has been serially produced since 1991. The fighter is designed to gain air superiority through destroying hostile manned and unmanned aircraft with guided missiles in medium-range engagements and dogfights in individual and group operations; and surface (ground and sea) targets destroying with all types of weapon, first of all with high precision weapon (guided missile and bombs) in all-weather conditions.

The main features of Su-27SK are the following:

  • high maneuverability provided by high thrust-to-weight ratio, the aircraft perfect aerodynamics, and Fly-by-wire system used for the aircraft longitudinal control;
  • large flight range due to the aircraft perfect aerodynamics, the power plant high effectiveness, and the inner fuel tanks capacity;
  • integrated weapon control system consists of two independent complementary channels - radar sighting system and optronic sight system with HMS;
  • up-to-date navigation system, communication suite, and ECM suite;
  • an expanded weapons suite (air-to-air guided missiles and bombs, and air-to-surface rockets) with the ordnance mounted externally on 10 hardpoints.
The Su-27SK weapon control system provides for aerial, surface and sea targets designation, tracking and destroying with the air weapon in round-the-clock all-weather conditions. It comprises two main subsystems: radar sighting system and optronic sight system. Flight and navigation data is indicated on the MFD and HUD, and on the other cockpit instruments as well.

The radar used in Su-27SK is of pulse-Doppler type, it ensures aerial targets searching and tracking in air and against a ground/sea background at 100 km distance. The radar can simultaneously track and prioritize 10 aerial targets, and attack the most dangerous one.

The Su-27SK optronic sighting system comprises Optical-Electronic Location System and HMS (Helmet mounted system). Optical-Electronic Location System is a combination of an infrared search and track system (IRST) and a laser rangefinder/target designator, used to track aerial targets both in the front and rear hemispheres using their infrared signature, and the targets laser ranging.

The Su-27SK aircraft weapons suite includes the built-in GSh-301 30-mm automatic single-barrel high-rate-of-fire cannon with 150 rounds ammunition load; and missiles, rockets and bomb ordnance suspended on 10 hard points located under the wings and fuselage.

Su-27SK can carry up to six R-27R1 (R-27ER1) air-to-air medium-range missiles with semi-active radar homing heads, up to two R-27T1 (R-27ET1) heat-seeking medium-range missiles, and up to six RVV-AE medium-range active radar-homing missiles and six R-73E short-range heat-seeking missiles.

The aircraft weapons suite includes a wide range of different types of weapon to destroy surface (sea) targets. The weapon suite can include bombs of 500, 250 or 100-kg caliber, cluster bombs, incendiary tanks, and the S-8 rockets (in four B-8M1 pods), the S-13 rockets (in four B-13L pods), and the S-25-OFM rockets.

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