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P-350 Bazalt 4K-77
P-500 Bazalt 4K-80
SS-N-12 Sandbox

Contractor NPO Mashinostroenia
Entered Service 1973
Total length 11.70 meters
Diameter 0.90 meters
Wingspan 2.60 meters
Weight 5,000 kg
  • 1,000 kg high-explosive or
  • 350 kiloton nuclear
  • Propulsion liquid-fueled rocket
    [turbojet according to some sources]
    Maximum Speed Mach 2.5
    Maximum effective range 550 km
    Guidance mode
  • mid-course missile guidance radar on lamuch platform
  • active or passive terminal homing
  • Circular Error Probable (CEP) 300-700 m

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