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Russian Ship Designations

Nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser “Peter the Great” – sounds glorious! Fleet destroyer “Persistent” – invigorating! Submarine missile-carrier “Yuri Dolgoruki” – impressive! Integrated supply tanker “Ivan Bubnov” – somewhat dull… Ship names are a special topic. Some of them are self-sufficient like “Varangian” or “Aurora”. Others are named in commemoration of great people of the past or in honor of some Russian cities, down to Kondopoga and Morshansk. There are many abstract names claiming the artistic taste – from adjectives like “Inquisitive” and “Quick-Witted” to nouns like meteorological “Whirlwind” or carnivorous “Cheetah”.

Occasionally you come across funny and gawky names or even invidious ones. Just ask someone with a striped vest looking out from under the collar of his shirt, what vessel he served on. As you hear his reluctant “Vepr” (“Boar”) in response, you suddenly remember that this is the name of an atomic submarine. It’s somewhat awkward to think of the nickname which could be conferred on members of its crew by their colleagues from Gadzhievo naval base. Yet “Vepr” is better than the missile carrier “Spill” – such names provide a good occasion to wags, so numerous in the Navy, to go wild.

In the US Navy, cruisers are primarily air defense ships, destroyers are surface warfare, and frigate for ASW. The Soviet classification system was more complicated, and less stable over time. Missile cruiser Project 1134 (code "Berkut", the lead ship - "Admiral Zozulya" code word NATO - Kresta I class) - type missile cruisers Soviet military - the Navy. Before 1966, it was classified as air defense ships, ASW, from 1966 to 1977, all four of the project cruisers built for the Soviet military - marine classification assigned to divisions of large anti-submarine ships, and later they were transferred to the Division of missile cruisers.

Cutter [craft]Kater
Underwater Boat [Submarine]Podvodnaya Lodka
Air-CushionVozdushnoy Podushke
Roadstead (coastal)Reydovy
Auxiliary / SupportVspomagatel'no
Rocket [missile]Raketnaya
Ballistic RocketRaketnaya Ballisticheskaya
Winged Rocket [cruise-missile]Raketnaya Krylataya
Sentry / Watch / VigilantStoroshevoy
Trawler [minesweeper]Tral'shchik


Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile Submarine Atomnaya Podvodnaya Lodka Raketnaya BallisticheskayaPLARBSSBN
Nuclear-powered Cruise-Missile Submarine Atomnaya Podvodnaya Lodka Raketnaya KrylatayaPLARKSSGN
Nuclear-powered Anti-Submarine Submarine Atomnaya Protivolodochnaya Podvodnaya Lodka PLAPSSKN
Nuclear-powered Submarine Atomnaya Podvodnaya LodkaPLASSN
Small nuclear-powered submarines Malaya Atomnaya Podvodnaya LodkaPLAMSSN
Ballistic Missile Submarine Podvodnaya Lodka Raketnaya BallisticheskayaPLRBSSB
Cruise-Missile SubmarinePodvodnaya Lodka Raketnaya KrylatayaPLRK/PLKSSG
SubmarinePodvodnaya LodkaPL / PLDSS
Small SubmarineMalaya Podvodnaya LodkaMPLSS
Super-Small SubmarineSverkhmalaya Podvodnavy LodkaSMPLSS
Diesel-powered SubmarineDizel'naya Podvodnaya LodkaDPLSS
Diesel-electrical submarineDizel'naya Elektricheskia Podvodnaya LodkaDEPLSS
Test submarine Opytovaya Podvodnaya LodkaOPLSS-X
Large Test submarine Bolshaya Opytovaya Podvodnaya LodkaBOPLSS-X
Torpedo submarine Torpednaya Podvodnaya LodkaTPLSS-K
Auxiliary submarineVspomogatel'nye Podvodnaya LodkaVPLAGSS
Special-Designation Submarines Podvodnaya Lodkae Spetsial'nogo NaznacheniyaPLSNAGSS
Transport Submarines Transportnye Podvodnaya LodkaTPLAPSS
Transport Nuclear-Powered Submarines Transportnye Atomnaya Podvodnaya LodkaTAPLAPSSN
Mine Laying Submarines Minny Zagraditel' Podvodnaya LodkaPLMZSM

Ocean-going Surface Ships

Aircraft-Carrying Cruisers / Carriers
Heavy Aircraft-Carrying CruiserTyazholyi Avianesushyi KreyserTAKR CVN / CV
Tactical Aircraft Carrying CruiserTakticheskoye Avianosnyy KreyserTAKRCVN / CV
Aircraft Carrying CruiserAvianosnyy KreyserAK CVE
Rocket Ships (anti-ship missiles)
Nuclear-powered Rocket Cruiser Atomnyi Raketny KreyserARKR CGN
Guard Rocket CruiserGvardeysky Raketnyy KreyserGRKR CG
Rocket CruiserRaketny KreyserRKR CG
Large Rocket ShipBol'shoy Raketny Korabl'BRK DDG
ASW Ships
Heavy Antisubmarine CruiserTyazholyi Protivolodochnyy KreyserTPKRCVGH / CVS
Large Antisubmarine CruiserBol'shoy Protivolodochnyy Kreyser BPKRCVGH / CVS
Anti-Submarine CruiserProtivolodochny KreyserPKRCVGH / CVS
Large Anti-Submarine ShipBol'shoy Protivolodochny Korabl'BPK DDG
Antisubmarine ShipProtivolodochnyy Korabl'PLK
Squadron Mine VesselEskadrenny MinonosetsEMDD
Destroyer Escorts
Sentry ShipStorozhevoy Korabl'SKDE

Littoral Combat

Coastal Area and Defence Vessels
Patrol Sentry Ship Patrul'ny Storozhevoy Korabl'PSKPG
Frontier Sentry ShipPogranichniy Storoshevoy Korabl'PSKRPG
Sentry ShipStorozhevoy Korabl'SKRFF
Sentry CutterStorozhevoy KaterSKAPF
Small Anti-Submarine ShipMaly Protivolodochny Korabl'MPKCorvette
Antisubmarine Ship 3rd rankProtivolodochny Korabl' 3 rangaPLK 3 ranga
Antisubmarine CutterProtivolodochnyy KaterPKA
Rocket Ship, Air CushionRaketnyy Korabl` Na Vozdushnoy PodushkeRKVPPGM
Small Rocket Ship 3rd rankMaly Raketny Korabl' 3 ranga MRK PGM
Small Rocket ShipMaly Raketny Korabl'MRK PGM
Rocket Cutter Raketny KaterRKPGM
River Flotilla
MonitorBronirovanny Artilleryisky Korabl'BAK
Armored Gun Ship Bronirovanny Artilleryisky Korabl'BAK
Small Gun ShipMaly Artilleryisky Korabl'MAK
Rocket Cutter 3rd rank Raketny Kater 3 ranga RK
(ex-Large Torpedo-Cutter) (ex-bol'shoy torpedny kater)(ex-BTK)
Patrol Sentry CutterPatrul'ny Storozhevoy KaterPSKR/P
Artillery CutterArtilleriyskiy KaterAKAPG
Artillery CutterArtilleryisky KaterAKPG
Armored CutterBronirovanny KaterBK
Torpedo-CutterTorpedny KaterTKA / TK / TTB
Mine Warfare (MCM) Craft
MinelayerMinny i Setevoy Zagraditel'ZM
Seagoing (Ocean) Minesweeper Morskoy Tral'shchikMT / MTSch
Base Minesweeper Bazovy Tral'shchikBT / BTSch
Roadstead (Coastal) Minesweeper 4th rank Reydovy Tral'shik 4 rangaRT
Minesweeper CutterKater Tral'shik KT
River MinesweeperRechnoy Tral'shik (ex-river) RChT
Auxiliary Minesweeper Vspomagatel'no Tral'shchikVT
Amphibious Vessels
Large Landing Ship 1 rank Bol'shoy Desantny Korabl' 1-go rangaBDKLPD
Large Landing Ship 2 rankBol'shoy Desantny Korabl'2-go rangaBDK LST
Medium Landing Ship Sredny Desantny Korabl'SDK LSM
Small Landing Ship Maly Desantny Korabl'MDK
Landing ShipDesantnyy Korabl'DK
Landing VesselDesantnyy SudnoDS
Landing CutterDesantny KaterDKLCM
Landing CutterDesantny KaterDKALCM
Landing Ship, Air Cushion Desantnyy Korabl' Na Vozdushnoy PodushkeDKVPLCAC
Small Landing Ship, Air-cushionMaly Desantny Korabl' na Vozdushnoy PodushkeKVP / MDK
Landing Cutter, Air-cushionDesantny Kater na Vozdushnoy PodushkeKVP/DLCAC
Amphibious Cutter, Air-Cushion, River Amfibiynyy Kater Na Vozdushnoy Podushke RechnoyyAKVPLCAC
Amphibious Cutter, Air-Cushion Amfibiynyy Kater Na Vozdushnoy RechnoyyAKVPLCAC
Landing Craft, Wing-in-Ground-EffectDesantny EkranoplanKVP/S

Naval Auxiliaries

Expeditionary Oceanographic VesselExpeditsionnoye Okeanograficheskoye SudnoEOS
Expeditionary Oceanographic VesselExpeditsionnoye Okeanograficheskoye SudnoEHOS
Electric Power Station VesselElektrostanttsiye Nalivatel'noye SudnoENS
Hydroacoustic Monitoring VesselGidroakusticheskoye Kontrol'noye SudnoGKS
Hydro-Acoustic Control VesselGidroakusticheskoe Kontrol'noe SudnoGKS
Inshore Survey CraftGidrografichekoye Pribrezhnyy BotGP
Hydrographic VesselGidrograficheskoye SudnoGS
Lift ShipKilektorKIL
Intelligence ShipKorabl' Razvedyvatel'nyyKRZ
Command ShipKorabl' UpravleniyaKRU
Cable VesselKabel'noye SudnoKS
Cable VesselKilektornoye SudnoKS
Communications ShipKorabl' SvyazeyKSV
Controlled targetKontrol'naya Tsel' KTs
Flight Observation ShipKorabl' Vozdushnogo Nabl'udenya KVN
Radar Surveillance ShipKorabl' Vozdushnogo NablyudeniyaKVN
Seagoing Tug Morskoy BuksirMB
Seagoing Water TankerMorskoy Vodnyy TankerMVT
Experimental VesselOpitnoye SudnoOS
Floating BasePlavuchaya BazaPB
Floating WorkshopPlavuchaya MasterskayaPM
Firefighting CutterPozharnyy KaterPZHK
Firefighting VesselPozharnoye SudnoPZHS
Rescue Tug Spasatel'nyy BuksirSB
Large De-Gaussing VesselSudno Bol'shogo RazmagnichivanyaSBR
De-Gaussing VesselSudno RazmagnichivanyaSR
Salvage VesselSpasatel'noye SudnoSS
Lifeguard [Rescue] VesselSpasatel'noe Sudno SS
Communications VesselSudno SvyazeySSV
Training VesselUchebnoye SudnoUS
Military TankerVoyenyy TankerVT
Military TransportVoyenyy TransportVTR

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