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SA-7 GRAIL 9K32M Strela-2
HN-5 (Hongying 5) China
Anza MKI - Pakistan
Ayn as Saqr - Egypt

Date of Introduction 1972
Proliferation Worldwide
Crew 1
Launcher Name 9P54M
Length (m) 1.47
Diameter (mm) 70
Weight (kg) 4.71
Reaction Time 5-10 seconds (acquisition to fire)
Time Between Launches (sec) INA
Reload Time (sec) 6-10
Missile Name 9M32M
Max. Range 5,500 meters
Min. Range 500 meters
Max. Altitude 4,500 meters
Min. Altitude 18 meters
Length (m) 1.40
Diameter (mm) 70
Weight (kg) 9.97
Missile Speed (m/s) 580
Propulsion Solid fuel booster and solid fuel sustainer rocket motor.
Guidance Passive IR homing device (operating in the medium IR range)
Seeker Field of View 1.9
Tracking Rate 6/sec
Warhead Type HE
Warhead Weight (kg) 1.15
Fuze Type Contact (flush or grazing)
Self-Destruct (sec) 15
FIRE CONTROL Launcher has sighting device and a target acquisitionindicator.
The gunner visually identifies and acquires the target.
Gunner Field of View INA
Acquisition Range (m) INA
VARIANTS SA-N-5 Naval version
HN-5A Chinese version
Strela 2M/A Yugoslavian upgrade
Sakr Eye Egyptian upgrade
Mounted in several types of vehicles in four, six, and eight-tube launcher varieties.
Can be mounted on several helicopters (Mi-24, S-342 Gazelle)

ANZA MK-1 Specifications

Type 2-stage, low altitude
Length (missile, with retracted tail fins) 1.44 m
Weight (total launch assembly in firing condition)
15 Kg (Missile at launch) 9.8 Kg
Propulsion solid fuel booster and solid fuel sustainer rocket motor
Guidance uncooled Pbs passive infrared homing seeker
Warhead HE fragmentation (containing 0.37 Kg HE) with contact
and graze fuzing
Average missile cruise speed 500 m/s
Max missile manoeuvring 6 g
Self destruction time 14-17 s
Max target speed (receding target) 260 m/s
Max effective slant range 4,200 m
Min effective slant range 1,200 m
Max effective altitude 50 m
Weapon reaction time less than 5 s
Time from march to ready less than 10 s
for operation
Battery operation time more than 40 s

General characteristics

Parameter / Version PLS

Max. effective range 3200 m 4200 m
Max. effective ceiling 2000 m 2300 m
Min. altitude 50 m 30-50 m
Min. effective range 800 m 800 m
Max. speed of the target 220 m/s 260 m/s
Max. speed 385 m/s 580 m/s
Operating wavelength of the detector 1,7 az 2,8 m m 1,7 az 2,8 m m
Viewing field of the homing system 1,9 .
Angular scan velocity in the regime of target tracking 9/s .
Total weight of the system 14,5 kg 15 kg
Weight of the missile 9,2 kg 9,85 kg
Weight of the warhead 1,15 kg 1,8 kg
Length of the missile 1,42 m 1,44 m
Diameter of the missile 0,072 mm 0,072 mm
Wingspan of the stabilisation wings 300 mm 300 mm
Length of the launcher 1,49 m 1,49 m
Diameter of the launcher 0,1 m 0,1 m
Into-action time max. 6 s .
Reaction time max. 5 s .
Time for self-destruction of the missile 14 az 17 s .
Range of operation temperatures -38 az +50C .
Operator 1 1

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