SA-14 GREMLIN 9K34 Strela-3

Designation 9K34 Strela-3
Date of Introduction 1978
Proliferation Worldwide
Crew 1
Launcher Name 9P59
Length (m) 1.40
Diameter (mm) 75
Weight (kg) 2.95
Reaction Time (sec) 14
Time Between Launches (sec) 35-40
Reload Time (sec) 25
Missile Name 9M36 or 9M36-1
Max. Range (m) 6,000
Min. Range (m) 600
Max. Altitude (m) 6,000
Min. Altitude (m) 50
Length (m) 1.4 m
Diameter (mm) 75 mm
Fin Span (mm) INA
Weight (kg) 10.3
Missile Speed (m/s) 600
Propulsion 2-stage solid-propellant rocket
Guidance passive IR homing
Seeker Field of View INA
Tracking Rate INA
Warhead Type Frag-HE
Warhead Weight (kg) 1.0
Fuze Type Contact/grazing
Self-Destruct (sec) 14-17
FIRE CONTROL Sights w/Magnification
Launch tube has simple sights
Gunner Field of View ( o ) INA
Acquisition Range (m) INA
VARIANTS Igla 9M39 (SA-N-8) Naval version

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