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217M Surface-to-air missile

Altitude Range defeat: C-25 - 3 000 - 25 000 m
C-25M - 1 500 - 25 000 meters
maximum range of the defeat: S-25 - 35 000 m
C-25M - 40, 000 meters
Maximum Speed: C-25 - 347 m / s
C-25M - 555 m / s
Kill Radius
Reload time (min)
Associated radars
Caliber650 mm;
Theoretical length (without gas rudders and tubes LDPE) 12216 mm;
Overall length (with gas rudders and tube LDPE) 12 856 mm;
Overall length (with safety covers) 12 962 mm;
The scope of the theoretical 2655 mm;
Swing position (with winglets) 2735 mm;
Mean aerodynamic chord 2038 mm;
The scope of the aileron 650 mm;
Deviation angle - aileron 20 1 ;
Air rudders:
The scope of the theoretical rudder 1416 mm;
Swing position (with winglets) 1426 mm;
Mean aerodynamic chord rotating part 406 mm;
The angle of deviation 16 30 ';
The scope of the theoretical 1030 mm;
stabilizing overall scope:
Horizontal (with fairing) 1100 mm;
Vertical (with winglets) 1048 mm;
Gas rudders:
The scope of helm 91 mm;
Distance from the axis of rotation of the wheel to the edge of the nozzle 80 mm;
The angle of deviation 18 1 ;
Mass characteristics:
Weight fully equipped and tucked missiles with gas rudders 3975 kg;
Curb weight and unmade missiles without gas rudders 1360 50 kg;
The mass of filling (fuel and air) 2610 kg;
Warhead weight 280 kg;
The mass of the discharged gas rudders parts 4.18 kg;
The mass of the oxidizer tank O 1919.8 kg;
The mass of the oxidant in the pipeline 28.48 kg;
The mass of fuel in the tank T 627.8 kg;
The mass of fuel in the pipeline 7.73 kg;
The mass of air in the system control 14.9 kg;
The mass of air in the system AP 10.3 kg;
The mass of powder for TNA 1 kg;
The mass of the silica gel 2 kg;
The warranty period and service life Shelf life is 5 years missiles under the following storage conditions:
In heated storage up to 5 years;
In unheated storage up to 2 years;
Air cylinders with tucked up to 2.5 years;
A seasoned tank T 2.5 years;
About a seasoned tank up to 2 years;
In the open air under natural conditions up to 1 year. Warranty service life of the autopilot AP-25 radio controlled fuses E-802M-P devices System-301-C converter and the TP-900C-2 is not less than 110 hours.
Transportation missiles during the warranty period of validity permitted missiles for distances:
Rail 4000 km;
Motor vehicles on highways at speeds up to 40 km / h 1000 km;
Including an improved dirt roads at speeds up to 20 km / h 300 km.

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