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Two large ports are located at Polyarnyy and Petchenga. The former is a major base for the Northern Fleet surface ships and submarines, while the latter sits only 18.5 miles from the Norwegian border.

The administrative center of Pechenga District is Nickel. It is in 210 km from Murmansk. The district is situated in the North and West part of the Kola Peninsula. The number of population is 44,1 thousand people. The main branch of industry is the non-ferrous metallurgy. It is presented by mining metallurgy complex "Pechenganickel" of the Kola mining metallurgy company. The district is developed industrially. There are 5 hydro power plants of PC "Kolenergo", united into the cascade of Pazskiye hydro power plants on the territory of the district. The most powerful of them is Borisoglebskaya plant. Mining metallurgy Complex "Pechenganickel", transport terminal in Nickel for the goods transportation from Europe to the Northern Russia and from Russia to Europe, building of the gas terminal in Liinkhamari, coastal fishery industry, development of trade and tourism are of great importance for the economy of the Pechenga district.

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