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PD-41 Large floating dock

PD-50 is designed to repair large-tonnage ships, strategic nuclear submarines, transport ships with a displacement of over 25 thousand tons. This is the only dock of the project 7454, it is among the largest in the world. It is the only shipyard in the European part of Russia with a technical fleet with a lifting capacity of 80 thousand tons. In the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy there is a PD-41 large floating dock comparable in characteristics. The capacity of shipyards to docking ships and vessels of the Navy of all classes and projects increased significantly. The plants were given 21 floating dock with a carrying capacity from one to 80 thousand tons (PD-50 - in Roslyakovo, PD-41 - in the Chazhma bay).

In the period from 1990 to 2002, in the conditions of under-funding of the industry and the lack of state defense order, the FSUE 30th Shipyard Shipyard, located in the Danube village in Primorye, accumulated large payables, which amounted to about 400 million rubles. In the same period, most of the Pacific Fleet forces left the basing station in the area. Huge production facilities, which include the a large floating dock PD-41, dictated the need for investment projects, through which it would be possible to significantly upgrade and modernize the production capacities of the 30th SRH, as well as take the plant out of the production crisis.

PD-50, according to TASS, is the only ship repair facility in the European part of Russia of a technical fleet with a carrying capacity of about 80 thousand tons. In terms of its parameters, the large floating structure PD-41, which was built by the Japanese Ishikawajima Heavy Industries in 1978 and is now on the balance sheet of the 30th shipbuilding shipyard with a registry in the Danube.

type Large floating dock
amount 1 unit
Construction Japan, Ishikawajima Heavy Industries
Name PD-41
Factory# 14321
Entry into service 1978
Displacement, t
standard: -
complete: -
length: 330
width: 99
draft: 6
Load capacity, t: 80,000
Crew, prs: 175
Fleet distribution Pacific Fleet : PD-41
Write-off PD-41 (7.12.2010, JSC 30 SRZ
without changing the name)

PD-41 Large floating dock PD-41 Large floating dock PD-41 Large floating dock

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