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5509'00"N 8300'00"E

Pashino is an inspectable SLBM facility under the START-1 agreement. Liquid propellant missiles are eliminated at the special dismantlement facility at Pashino in Novosibirsk oblast [5502'N 8255'E ].

The United States and the Soviet Union signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) on 31 July 1991. When START entered into force on 05 December 1994, the signatories began to implement the Treaty's complex set of intrusive inspection and verification measures. As part of START's verification provisions, each signatory was required to declare all facilities related to ICBMs, submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and heavy bombers. The former Soviet Union (FSU) has declared over five dozen START-inspectable sites in all categories, including five SLBM facilities and six submarine facilities.


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