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PAK-TA vs Il-76MD-90A / Il-476

Emergence of a new military transport aircraft in the second half of the 2020s speaks directly about the destiny of the Il-76MD-90A / Il-476. By this time, the available machines IL-76, various modifications have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced. Thus, the new PAK TA will face the difficult task to maintain and increase the capabilities of the military transport aviation. In developing requirements for future aircraft should take into account this feature it.

While the project PAK TA is in the very early stages, domestic aircraft manufacturers are busy with other work, such as the construction of military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A. In autumn 2014 the United Aircraft Corporation received an order for 39 such machines total cost 140 billion rubles. According to V. Livanov, this year Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant "Aviastar-SP" give the customer one or two aircraft of a new type. The following year, the military will again have two new aircraft.

Viktor Livanov said that Ilyushin Aviation Complex planned in 2014 to pass the Defense Ministry first, and in 2015 - a second pair of military transport aircraft Il-476. Contract to supply 39 military transport aircraft new modification Il-76MD-90A (IL-476) totaling 140 billion rubles was signed in October 2012. "We have no doubt that this year we have at least one plane (Ministry of Defence) will deliver, but rather, two. And two aircraft next year ", - said Livanov.

As follows from the information available, military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A in the coming years will have to replace part of the outdated machines IL-76 previous versions. In addition, it can be created based tanker and AEW and control. There is evidence that IL-76MD-90A in the future will become the main transport vehicle domestic Air Force, then it will replace the techniques developed in the framework of PAK TA.

It should be noted that further improvement of the IL-76 is ambiguous and controversial by the military-transport aircraft. That's why now should begin work on a new transport aircraft, whose characteristics allow to use it in the next few decades.

Military transport aircraft Il-76-MD-90A (also known as IL-476) is a deep modification of the Il-76 freighter, which had previously produced at the Tashkent aircraft plant "TAPOiCH". The new aircraft is equipped with a modified wing with the use of long panels caisson, new engines, upgraded fuel system, digital sighting and navigation system and automatic control system. Based on the Il-476 is planned to build a new aircraft AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) A-100 "Premier".

According to Smirnov, IL-76 - the plane of the galaxy that "when Russia was decades Aircraft power." He recalled that before the 90s in the Russian civil aviation excluding military transport aircraft was over 20 000 aircraft. "Today we have almost completely switched to the carriage of passengers on Western aircraft," - he said.

Smirnov emphasized that IL-76 is still in demand in many countries as a cargo plane, with a good range and level of security. "Now released a modified aircraft. It is more economical, reliable. He has no equal in the world "- he said.

Experts note that the transport aircraft must be updated, and now used a modernized version of the Il-76 is out of date. Hero of Russia, Deputy Head of the State Flight Test Center, the leading test pilot Colonel Igor Malikov convinced that this complex is definitely needed and will be needed. "IL-76, though modernized, but still losing ground. It is noisy, he old equipment. And by other parameters, he concedes. Therefore, we need a new transport aircraft, "- said Malikov.

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