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"Ermak" Prospective Transport Aircraft (PTA)

In Russia, a new super-heavy military transport aircraft Ermak is being created. It will replace the An-22 Antei and An-124 Ruslan planes, created in the Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau. If, of course, by that time Ukraine can not offer Russia any other solution.

The name "Ermak" derives from the Russian historical story of the Russian conquest of Siberia by Ataman Ermak Timofeevich. While the country was at war with Sweden, experiencing not the simplest times, he, without asking the Czar, won for Russia Siberia. And he stayed in Siberia forever. Historians can not say unequivocally where Ermak was born or who he was by origin. As usually happens with the memory of the legendary people, several places in Russia immediately claim to be the birthplace of Ermak. Some historians claim that Ermak was born on the Don, others - that in Perm, the third people make Yermak a native of Birka, which is on the Northern Dvina.

One of the myths that still exists in historiography is that Ermak acted on the direct orders of Ivan the Terrible during his Siberian campaign, and the tsar almost personally sent logs with the Cossacks to Siberia. This myth is as stable as it is false. The conquest of Siberia was a direct continuation of the spontaneous movement to develop the "wild field".

A new Russian super-heavy transport plane Ermak will rise to the sky within ten years. This was in an interview with "Interfax-AVN" 22 October 2015, according to the general director of the company "IL" Sergei Sergeev . "In 2016, we expect to begin the creation of a family of superheavy aircraft with a carrying capacity of 80 tons or more. These are wide-body aircraft. There is already an index of the project: a Prospective Transport Aircraft (PTA) "Ermak". It is assumed that for the serial release of this project we will go out by 2024, "he said.

The niche of superheavy aircraft in the Russian Armed Forces is still occupied by the products of the Ukrainian Antonov design bureau - An-22 Antey with a payload capacity of 80 tons and An-124 Ruslan, the carrying capacity of which, as a result of modernization of the existing fleet, can be increased from 120 up to 150 tons.

About "Ermak" so far very little is known, in spite of the fact that the practical work on it by the company "IL" is conducted at least since the summer of last year. Obviously, "Ilyushinites" maximally use the work on the heavy military transport aircraft IL-106, the concept of which was developed by them in the late 80-ies of the last century. Then the leadership of the USSR announced a competition between the Ilyushin Design Bureau, Antonov OKB and Tupolev Design Bureau to develop a fundamentally new operational and strategic aircraft that would replace the Il-76 and An-22. Ilyushin's design bureau won, which proposed the design of the Il-106 aircraft. Carrying capacity - 80 tons, cruising speed 850 km / h, flight range with full load - 5 thousand km, ceiling - 12 thousand meters.

IL-106 is a fairly old Ilyushin project, the development of which began back in the mid-80's. Then a tender was announced for the creation of a new transport aircraft, which would replace the IL-76. His proposals were presented by the design bureau Tupolev, Ilyushin and Antonov, Ilyushinsky project was recognized as the winner. The new aircraft was designated Il-106, it was planned to be completed before 1995, and in 1997 it was launched into the series. For obvious reasons, this did not happen. According to the project, the IL-106 had a carrying capacity of up to 100 tons, was carried out according to the classical aerodynamic scheme and could carry cargoes for a distance of 5 thousand km. The new plane was planned to be equipped with front and rear cargo ramps.

The fact that the new PAK TA is nothing like the finalized IL-106, the general designer of Ilyushin Nikolai Talikov told the TASS agency in 2015. It is likely that the old Soviet design will serve as the basis for a new transport aircraft. There was information that the new car will be equipped with the most powerful Russian civil aircraft engine NK-93. There is information that in 2015 the sketch design of PAK TA began.

The aircraft was made in a normal aerodynamic scheme with vertical end surfaces on the wing.C-17 Globemaster, the new machine had both front and rear cargo ramps, which greatly facilitated and accelerated loading and unloading operations. The length of the sealed cargo cabin was 34 m. Under this aircraft engine-building KB Kuznetsova in Kuibyshev (now - Samara), has specially developed a new type of gas turbine engines with an ultra-high degree of two-circuit NK-92. Multi-bearing retractable landing gear provided the possibility of operating the aircraft from ground airfields. The aircraft was supposed to be equipped with digital EMF, and the information field of the crew cabin (he, incidentally, consisted of two people) to perform using multifunction LCD indicators.

In the post-Soviet period, the state, in fact, ceased financing the Kuznetsov Design Bureau for the creation of the NK-92 engine (93), so this unique development remained in the 20th century. The engines of the Ukrainian association "Motor Sitch", which still fly half of the military transport aviation of Russia, do not fit by definition. Perm engines will not lift such a machine into the air. Therefore, the creation in Russia of a competitive in the world market engine in the thrust class 30 ... 35 tons is one of the main conditions for the success of the Ermak project.

But at the same time, Russia has no other way than to create a new super-heavy transport aircraft. First, this requires a new armored vehicle, which in a few years will begin to be delivered to the troops. The air transportation of even a T-90 tank to the IL-76 already requires its partial dismantling, because the aircraft was originally designed for the width of the T-72 tank. And how to transfer the tanks of "Armata" on it, which, judging by everything, will be even heavier and wider than the T-90? The same is true with the transfer of infantry. The IL-76 was originally designed for transportation of a motorized rifle platoon with three class vehicles to BMP-3 inclusive. But the prospective BMP "Kurganets", according to preliminary data, is at least 5 tons heavier than the BMP-3. Therefore, a new superheavy aircraft is needed to efficiently transport the new Russian armored vehicles.

On 19 June 2018, a source from Interfax reported that Russia was preparing to resume production of the An-124 Ruslan. "Preliminary work has begun, a plan is being drawn up, but this is not a fast process," the source said. On the eve of the state procurement portal, a document was posted according to which the Ulyanovsk Aviastar-SP plant starts assessing the readiness of production facilities for the production of modernized AN-124-100M military transport aircraft. It notes that the production of "Ruslanov" will be conducted using electronic modeling.

On 02 June 2018, the commander of the military transport aviation of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Benediktov, said on Ekho Moskvy that Russia was considering the issue of resuming the production of the world's largest and heaviest cargo aircraft - An-124 Ruslan. He recalled that the An-124 was developed during the Soviet era by the Antonov Design Bureau and manufactured in Ukraine, but Ukraine's intellectual property is not. The next day, Alexei Rogozin , Vice President for Transport Aviation of the UAC, General Director of PJSC "Il", said that the resumption of the production of the AN-124 Ruslan in a new guise "is a very difficult but decisive task."

Then the Ukrainian media quoted the Antonov Design Bureau as saying that the Russian design bureau was unattainable for Russia's plans to resume Ruslan production under a new brand without Ukrainian participation, since "only the developer of the aircraft, the Antonov company, possesses all the technical knowledge and necessary information on the design, properties, life, lifetime and airworthiness of An-124-100 aircraft, including test data and analyzes necessary to maintain structural integrity. "

The United Aircraft Corporation has not yet planned to design a super-heavy carrier for the replacement of An-124 Ruslan, the press service of the UAC transport aviation division said 26 June 2018. "The design of the aircraft for the replacement of the An-124 is currently not planned, measures are being developed to maintain the An-124 and Il-76 fleet as part of the feasibility study of the STTC (a superheavy military transport aircraft) program," the press- service. Earlier in the media referring to the annual report of the UAC appeared information about the beginning of the development of a super-heavy transport aircraft to replace Ruslan.

JSC "Aviastar-SP" (Ulyanovsk) has the technology of production of An-124 Ruslan aircraft. Since 2003, the production of the An-124 Ruslan has been discontinued, but deep modernization and maintaining the airworthiness of the aircraft continues. In total, during the existence of the Ulyanovsk aviation complex, 36 An-124 units were manufactured.

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