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Black Eagle (Object 640)

Black Eagle (Object 640) was a prospective Russian tank developed in the 1990s by the Omsk Transport Machine-Building Design Bureau. The first prototype was first demonstrated in 1997 and was a modified chassis of tank T-80 with the installed turret of a new design. Subsequently the sample was created with a turret mounted on the chassis.

The tank chassis was a modified T-80 chassis. The hull was extended, thus significantly strengthen the upper frontal part and fixing a zone of weakness in the periscopes of the driver. The hull of the tank was divided into three sealed compartments separated from each other, defined along the longitudinal axis by vertical armored plates. The fuel tanks are placed in the side compartments. In the central compartment is the equipment associated with the fighting compartment.

Designated members of the crew are located in the hull of the tank below the level of the tower. These can be accessed through hatches commander and gunner in the turret housing and driver's hatch in the hull of the tank. Designated crew are equipped with adjustable seats, having two positions, marching and fighting. When transferring the seat in the deployed position the crew is below the turret. In the stowed position, the gunner and the commander of the tank are located in the body and in the turret.

From the fuel compartments vertical armored hull plates are covered with slabs of anti-radiation material, and from the driver's compartment and the fighting compartment - plates of ballistic material. Ammunition in the autoloader is installed in the recess of the turret and loaded with a removable module with knock-armored armor panels which open in case of detonation.

Armament consists of a 125-mm gun, coaxial 7.62-mm machine guns and anti-aircraft remotely from 12.7-mm machine gun "Kord". The welded turret is of a new type, comprised of two symmetrically spaced armor sections rigidly attached to a common base. Compartments are formed spaced to each other and coaxially arranged inner and outer sidewalls, made on the front contour of the embrasure in the sector to the transverse axis of the turret in the form of truncated pyramids.

The tank is equipped with a new gas turbine engine capacity of more than 1500 hp and has a combat weight of 48 tons. Thus, the power density of the tank exceeds 30 hp / ton and, as a consequence, the dynamic characteristics of the "Black Eagle" should significantly exceed the specifications of the western third generation of tanks, having a specific power of 20 - 25 hp / ton.

Reports in open sources suggested that the Black Eagle program had been halted due to the acceptance of the T-90, built by the Uralvagonzavod plant, into the Russian military in the mid-1990s. In addition, Russia had reportedly opted for Uralvagonzavod as the developer and manufacturer of a new-generation MBT, which would most likely have a designation T-95. According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the production of long-term tank "Object 640" is not provided for in the state budget. However, solutions, used by this sample may serve as a significant stepping stone for the modernization of existing tanks.

For many years, the media reports appeared repeatedly on the development and testing of the tank "Black Eagle", but no details on the timing and plans to launch into production have been reported. In 2009 the Russian media had resumed discussion of the secret tank, dubbed Black Eagle, which was developed by the Omsk Transmash design bureau and whose pictures were shown in several publications and on the Internet. According to the Russian media, an early prototype of the Black Eagle was shown at an arms exposition in Siberia, in June 1999. It appeared to be based on a lengthened T-80U hull, and to have very thick front armor and new-generation Kaktus explosive reactive armor.

The Russian military denied the existence of a new-generation main battle tank (MBT) based on the T-80 design and featuring explosive reactive armor and a box-shaped turret. "There was no such project...and those 20-year-old pictures show a mock-up of a futuristic tank which remained just a product of someone's imagination," Col. Vladimir Voitov, head of research at the Main Directorate of the Armored Troops, said in an interview with the Echo Moskvy radio on 12 September 2009. He added that he was aware of a prototype of an experimental tank, but insisted that 'the turret of the vehicle did not have anything inside." On April 28, 2011, former first deputy Chief Armored Directorate Russian Defense Ministry , Major-General Yuri Kovalenko said that the achievements of the "Black Eagle" will be used in the new Armata main battle tank.

Classification main battle tank
Combat weight 48 tons
Crew 3
Developer Omsk Transport Machine-Building Design Bureau.
Manufacturer Russia
Armor Modular
Active protection "Drozd-2"
Dynamic protection DZ "Cactus"
Armament caliber and type gun 125mm 2A46M-2
Type of gun smoothbore gun
Ammunition 32 rounds
  • 1G46 laser rangefinder sight
  • TKN-4S day / night
  • TPN-4-49 active-passive night
  • PO2T TV
  • Guns
  • 1 12.7-mm Kord
  • 1 7.62-mm PKT
  • Other weapons smoke grenade launchers
    Type of engine Gas Turbine
    Engine power 1500 hp.
    Speed about 80 km / h
    Cruising on the highway 500 km (without external tanks)
    Specific power 31.25
    Type of suspension torsion
    Ground pressure 0.87-0.9 kg / cm
    Surmounted the wall 0.8 m
    Trench 2.8 m
    Negotiable ford 5 m

    T-80 Mod Black Eagle MBT T-80 Mod Black Eagle MBT

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