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Novosibirsk Zavod Nizkovoltnoi Apparatury AO

630108, Novosibirsk, ul. Stantsionnaya 30A, Russia
Ph: (3832)40-31-00
Fax: (3832) 40-31-00, 41-44-89

For more than half a century the Novosibirsk Zavod Nizkovoltnoi Apparatury AO -- Novosibirsk Factory of Low-Voltage Equipment -- [LVE-Works / LVE Plant PLC] has been engaged in production of small arms ammunition. The 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm cartridges are well known in the CIS countries and world over. During World war II, the LVE personnel, working all days and nights through, were furnishing the Army with ammunition so urgent for combat needs. In the postwar years, the LVE-Works developed a number of civilian production lines, including driving roller chains (of 19.05 mm and 35 mm pitches); a range of magnet starters and circuit-breakers; industry; furniture accessories and castors, etc.

The LVE engineers' high intellectual potential and operators' excellent skills magnified by highly productive rotary and rotary conveying facilities enable the enterprise to meet the tough competition with world leading manufacturers of ammunition. LVE-branded cartridges can be found throughout the world. They are exported to more than 50 countries. Their reliability and efficiency have been proven in every climatic zone and, as result, received high esteem with experts.

The 12.7x108 mm cartridges with brass and the B-32 and BS armor-piercing incendiary bullets are designed for NSB and DShK machine-guns against enemy manpower and equipment. Cartridges with the BZT-44 armor-piercing incendiary tracer bullets are intended to adjust fire and indicatetargets. The ISL and ISLT 12.7 mm double-bullet cartridges of armor-piercing incendiary tracing action are designed for the machine-guns YakB installed on board combat helicopters. For dry fire, we manufacture blank ammunition.

The 7.62 mm ammunition is designed for sniper rifles, light and heavy machine-guns against enemy manpower and equipment. These are cartridges with ST hardened-steel core bullets and T-46 tracer bullets, BT-90 armor-piercing tracing bullets, as well as SN sniper cartridges of enhanced accuracy.

LVE-Works manufactures reference ammunition to calibrate test barrel and freshly made cartridges. To extend the range of its products, the LVE-Works has launched production of the NATO-standard ammunition of 7.62x51 mm caliber and sniper cartridges with hardened-steel core bullets. The 9x18 mm MAKAROV ammunition is available with standard steel bullets and anti-bulletproof-vest ones, expanding or tracing bullets, as well as with lead-core bullets. The 9x17 mm KURZ, 9x19 mm LUGER, and .38 SPESIAL cartridges are manufactured for both sporting and service weapons. The 6.35 mm BROWNING cartridges are getting ready for production.

In addition to military ammunition, the LVE-Works offers a number of sporting and hunting cartridges as well as those for gas hand-gun in calibers 7.62x54R; 7.62x51 mm (.308 Win.); 5.6 mm JUNIOR (.22 LR) (with steel cases); 5.6 mm SOBOL (.22 LR) (with both Ni-and Cu-plated cases); 9x53 mm; 9 mm P.A.(CS), 9 mm (CR).

Special importance is attached to the production of industrial cartridges designed for both domestic and foreign-made powder tools. These are powder loads in calibers as follows: 6.8x18 mm and (.27) mm of five power levels for PTs-84 and HILTI fastening tools; 6.3x16 mm (.25) of five power levels for FAVORIT and COLON tools; 5.6x16 mm (.22 LR) of six power levels for RAMSET and AUSMARK tools. The industrial cartridges are available in both rosette-crimped and paper-waded makes. We have good experience and high potential in the manufacture of ammunition and welcome business circles and companies interested in mutually beneficial cooperation.

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