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6858'00"N 3305'00"E

    Navy Yard No. 35 - Sevmorput
    100, Admirala Lobova str.
    183017 Murmansk, Russia
    Tel. +7(8152) 22 19 18
    Fax +7(8152) 22 12 92

SEVMORPUT is a state industrial enterprise/ship yard established in 1938. Main activities include ship building and ship repair including icebreakers, navy vessels and fishing ships. Facilities include turbo-diesel assembly shops for repair of steam turbine, reducing gears, main and auxiliary internal combustion engines, deck mechanisms, hydraulic mechanisms and systems, propellers and similar equipment.

Sevmorput, in the eastern side of the Murmansk fjord, serviced nuclear submarines from the 1960s to 1991, when nuclear fueling was stopped due to radiation safety concerns for the nearby city of Murmansk.

Socio-economic problems within Russia led to significant local unrest in the shipyards and harbors containing the laid up nuclear submarines. Basic social services were curtailed and salaries went unpaid. This situation led to several demonstrations involving nuclear submarines. On 25 November 1998, more than 9,000 employees at the Sevmorput naval yard in Murmansk held a one-day strike protesting that their wages are up to six months overdue.

On 27 November 1993 thieves stole uranium, 4.5 kg of enriched uranium [enriched to 20% for naval nuclear reactor fuel] from Fuel Storage Area 3-30 at Sevmorput Shipyard. Mikhail Kulik, a Russian Navy special investigator, derided his country's security measures for nuclear material. "Potatoes are guarded better," he said. The uranium was eventually recovered in June 1994.

Since 1994, the United States and the Russian Federation have had demonstrated success in a nuclear nonproliferation program called Material Protection Control and Accountability (MPC&A). In 1996, the collaboration expanded to include safeguarding Russian naval propulsion activities, primarily safeguarding of highly enriched nuclear fuel assemblies. These activities include Russia's civilian nuclear propelled Icebreaker Fleet operated by the Murmansk Shipping Company for the Russian Ministry of Transportation. The fleet is based at the Atomflot port in Murmansk, Russia and consists of eight nuclear propelled vessels and two nonnuclear support vessels in which fresh and spent nuclear fuel assemblies are stored.

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