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Mi-8MTV-5-1 / Mi-8MTV-5M / Mi-17V-5

The military transport version of the Mi-8/17 helicopter is one of the most heavily operated helicopters in its class. These helicopters were created taking into account a comprehensive analysis of the experience of using Russian helicopter technology in combat operations in various "hot spots". The versatility and high performance characteristics have made this type of helicopter one of the most popular Russian-made helicopters in the world.

The modern military transport helicopters of the Mi-8/17 series include the Mi-8MTV-5 (export name Mi-17V-5) and Mi-8AMTSh ( Mi-171Sh ). The Mi-8MTV-5 / Mi-17V-5 and Mi-8AMTSh / Mi-171Sh helicopters are designed to transport personnel, as well as cargo inside the cabin and on an external sling. They can be used for rescue operations as well as carry weapons.

Among the features of the Mi-8MTV-5-1 are the shape of the bow ("dolphin nose"), as well as the extended left door. Instead of the standard flaps that can be folded down manually, there is a ramp that opens using a hydraulic drive, which significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare the helicopter for loading and unloading.

As part of the Single Day of Acceptance of Military Products on 05 August 2020, the Kazan Helicopter Plant of the Russian Helicopters holding (part of the Rostec State Corporation ) handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense five military transport helicopters Mi-8M TV-5-1. This is the final batch of helicopters delivered under a 2011 contract with the Ministry of Defense. Mi-8 MTV-5-1 helicopters passed all kinds of tests stipulated by the terms of the state contract, technical documentation and adopted a military representative.

"The machines are equipped with modern domestic-made UV-26M protection equipment. The helicopter fuselage has been adapted for the installation of the L-370 electronic warfare system," said Yuri Pustovgarov, managing director of the Kazan Helicopter Plant, in a report to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The Mi-8MTV-5-1 military transport helicopter supplied to various power structures of the Russian Federation belongs to the Mi-8/17 family and is designed to transport cargo and equipment weighing up to 4 tons and perform various special tasks. Also, the machine can be used for search and rescue operations. The cockpit is equipped with lighting equipment adapted for the use of night vision goggles, which allows flying in the dark at low and extremely low altitudes, as well as taking off and landing on unmarked sites. The helicopter is equipped with modern communication systems.

The Mi-8MTV-5M is a modernized version of the Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopter used by the Russian army. The Mi-8MTV-5M is capable of performing night flights in a group using night vision goggles, and its navigation and weather monitoring systems are integrated into a single information field. The modern communications complex is unified with all supplied helicopters in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and provides the function of data exchange between helicopters. Helicopters Mi-8MTV-5-1, which are in operation, can be modified to the appearance of the modernized Mi-8MTV-5M.

On the Mi-8MTV-5M helicopter, work on import substitution has been completed, additional equipment has been installed that expands its functionality, the avionics have been replaced with more modern ones: a multifunctional display, a digital autopilot have appeared, a modern communications complex and an auxiliary power plant TA-14 of domestic production have been installed.

The Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHZ) of the Russian Helicopters holding (part of Rostec) has completed development work to modernize the Mi-8MTV-5M helicopter, the design documentation has been approved for serial production. This was reported on 27 Auguest 2021 in the press service of the Russian Helicopters holding.

A delegation from the Russian Defense Ministry headed by Sergei Shoigu visited the Kazan Helicopter Plant of the Russian Helicopters holding within the framework of the visit to the Republic of Tatarstan. The Russian Defense Minister was shown an upgraded version of the Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopter in service with the Russian army. The updated machine - Mi-8MTV-5M - meets the modern requirements of the army aviation.

Sergei Shoigu visited the assembly and assembly production, painting and assembly and assembly workshop. Aleksey Belykh, Kazan Helicopters' Managing Director, reported to the Russian Defense Minister on the completion of development work to improve the helicopter. The design documentation has already been approved for serial production.

"The future plans for the modernization of the Mi-8/17 series helicopters for military transport versions supplied to various customers are to improve flight performance through the use of a new carrier system. The vehicles will be equipped with Mi-38 helicopter blades and an X-shaped tail rotor. At the design stage of the blades for the Mi-38, they were tested on the G8. Thus, this technical solution has already been tested and will be introduced into the series, said Aleksey Belykh, managing director of the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

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