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Mi-24K Kuryer / Mi-PSV prospective high-speed helicopter PSV

The new helicopter [not to be confused with the Mi-24K Hind-G2 reconnaissance, artillery observation helicopter] will be based on the Mi-24 platform but incorporate new technology; the new vehicle will fly at a speed of up to 500 kilometers per hour, according to Zvezda. Just for comparison, the sophisticated attack helicopter Ka-52 can only fly at about 320 kilometers per hour. Unofficially nicknamed "Crocodile", the dual-purpose Mi-24 is a gunship and troop transport helicopter with room for eight passengers.

At 23 December 2015, on the flight test station of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. ML Mile in the suburban Tomilino first flew an experimental high-speed helicopter. This is not a new development, and not even a prototype of the future of the helicopter and flying laboratory for testing of engines, transmissions and flight speeds screws in the area of 400 km / h. Layout of this machine called "prospective high-speed helicopter" demonstrator was shown to the public at the MAKS-2015.

So the rotor helicopter made its first flight. Under its streamlined contours easily discern the contours of prey Mi-24. It is based on the legendary "Crocodile" made this ennobled in terms of aerodynamics, "Swan". The potential of the helicopter for the first time taken off for more than 35 years ago, still allows creating on its base the experimental techniques.

Promising high-speed helicopter (PSV), now being developed in the interests of the Defense Ministry, it is expected to go into the series with 2022 and can reach speeds of up to 500 km / h. The chief of air and space forces of Russia, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, quoted INTREFAKS-AVN, told journalists on 01 September 2015. "This work is in full swing, and in 2018 due to fly this helicopter demonstrator. Then the end of the (work) - 2021 and 2022 - a series of helicopter data. Speed was up to 500 km / h ", - Bondarev said.

He noted that this rate is set in the tactical and technical requirements on the advanced helicopter. "If you get more, we will be happy. Naturally, this helicopter will solve all the problems that are now solved helicopters of Kamov and Mil. He will take all the best, "- said the commander in chief. While work on the PSV conducted by Mil and Kamov within the holding company "Russian Helicopters". "And that, and that the firm participates. Somebody wins, she will continue to pursue all work on the helicopter ", - summed v.Bondarev.

In October 2016 during testing "technology demonstrator of high-speed helicopter" (PSV) based on the Mi-24 was reached the speed of 405 km / h, according to media resource "Technosphere". Thus it exceeded the previous domestic record set at the 1978 version of the Mi-24 - 368 km / h. In 1986 the official world record was set on a specially prepared English helicopter G-Lynx - 400,87 km / h.

Russian helicopter KB are developing new machines, which will be the usual speed in the range of 400-500 km / h. In this case, it will be exactly the helicopters, not something fundamentally new. For this reason, the results have not been registered as a new speed record, as PSV still did not show its full potential. In June 2016, PSV made a flight at speeds up to 450 km / h, in May 2016 reported the Deputy General Director of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" on production and innovation Andrey Shibitov.

All that is now produced at the Russian demonstrator, will form the basis of a new generation of machines, for example, one of them will have a lifting capacity of 12 tonnes and fly at a cruising speed of 360 km / h and the maximum - more than 400 kilometers per hour. Domestic speed PSVe helicopter is built using a number of new technical solutions in particular - is the new rotor blade. Demonstrator test flights began in December 2015.

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