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Mi-17 [Mi-8MT] HIP H

Country of Origin Russia
Builder Mil
Date of Introduction 1981 (as Mi-17)
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Length Length (rotors turning): 25.4 meters
Length (fuselage): 18.4 meters
Height 5.7 meters
Width 2.5 meters
Main Rotor Diameter 21.3 meters
Tail Rotor Diameter 3.9 meters
Cargo Compartment Dimensions Floor Length: 5.3 meters
Width: 2.3 meters
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight Maximum Gross: 13,000 kg
Normal Takeoff: 11,100 kg
Empty: 7,100-7,370 kg (variant dependant)
Blades Main rotor: 5
Tail rotor: 3
Engine 2x 1,950-shp Isotov TV3-117MT turboshaft
Fuel Internal: 445 liters
Internal Aux Tank: 915 liters ea.
External Fuel Tank:
Port Tank: 745 liters
Starboard Tank: 680 liters
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Cruising speed 240 km/h
Range Normal Load: 495 km
With Aux Fuel: 1,065 km
Ceiling Service: 5,000-5,700 meters (variant dependant)
Hover (out of ground effect): 1,760 meters
Hover (in ground effect): 1,900-3,980 meters (variant dependant)
Vertical Climb Rate 9 m/s
  • 2x 7.62-mm or 1x 12.7-mm MG
  • 4-6 - AT-2C or AT-3 ATGMs
  • 4-6 - 57-mm rocket pods (16 each)
  • 2 - 80-mm rocket pods (20 each)
  • 4 - 250-kg bombs
  • 2 - 500-kg bombs
  • 1 - 12.7-mm MG pod
  • 2 - Twin 23-mm gun pods
  • 1,830 - Additional fuel tanks (liters)
Most Probable Armament: fitted with 2x 7.62-mm machineguns or possibly 2x 23-mm GSh-23 gun packs in cabin, 57-mm rockets, and AT3/SAGGER ATGMs. Loaded combat troops can fire personal weapons through cabin windows from inside cabin.
Standard Payload Internal load: 4,000 kg
External on sling only: 3,000 kg
Transports 24 troops and cargo, or
armaments on 6x external hardpoints.
Survivability/Countermeasures Main and tail rotor blades electrically deiced. Infrared jammer, chaff and flares.
AVIONICS The Mi-17 is equipped with instruments, avionics, Doppler radar, and a fully functioning autopilot for operation in day, night, and instrument meteorological conditions.
Crew 3 (2x pilots, 1x flight engineer)
User Countries At least 22 countries

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