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Ka-50 HOKUM / Black Shark / Werewolf

Country of Origin Russia
Builder KAMOV
Role Antihelicopter and gunship
Similar Aircraft Hirundo A109, Mangusta A129, AH-64 Apache, AH-1F Cobra
Blades   Main rotor: 6 (2 heads, 3 blades each) Tail rotor: None
Rotor diameter 14.5 meters
Wing span 7.34 meters
Length   rotors turning: 16 meters
fuselage: 15.0 meters
Height   gear extended: 4.93 meters
gear retracted: 4 meters
Cargo Compartment Dimensions Negligible
Engines 2x 2,200-shp Klimov TV3-117VK turboshaft
Weight   Maximum Gross: 10,800 kg
Normal Takeoff: 9,800 kg
Empty: 7,692 kg
Standard Payload   External weapons load: 2,500 kg on 4 under-wing stores points.
Speed   Maximum (level): 340 km/h (est.)
Cruise: 270-310 km/h
Sideward: 100+ km/h, Rearward: 100+ km/h
Turn Rate unlimited
Max "G" Force +3 to +3.5 g
Ceiling   Service: 5,500 meters
Hover (out of ground effect): 4,000 meters
Hover (in ground effect): 5,500 meters
Vertical Climb Rate 10 m/s
Fuel (liters)   Internal: INA
External Fuel Tank: 500 ea. (max 4x)
Range (km)   Maximum Load: INA
Normal Load: 460
With Aux Fuel: INA
  • 1x 2A42 30-mm cannon [250 HE-Frag + 250 AP]
  • 2 - AT-16 VIKhR ATGM (6 each)
  • 2 - 80-mm rockets (20 each)
  • 2 - Twin 23-mm gun pods [940 rounds]
  • 4 - 500-kg bombs
  • 2 - AA-11/ARCHER AAM
  • External fuel tanks (500 liters)
  • 30-mm Automatic Cannon, 2A42:
    Range: effective 3,000 m
    Elevation: -45 to +10
    Traverse: 15
    Ammo type and rate of fire is selectable by pilot (HE or AP, 350 or 600) Most Probable Armament:
  • Fuselage-mounted 30-mm cannon on right side
  • 80-mm rockets
  • AT-16 VIKhR ATGMs [ATGM racks can depress to 12]
  • The HOKUM uses a low-light level TV or thermal sighting, a laser range-finder (10 km), FLIR, air data sensor, and digital data-link which interface with a fire control com-puter, an autopilot, a helmet sighting system and HUD for target location, acquisition, designation, and firing. Night/Weather Capabilities:
  • This aircraft's avionics package ensuring a full day/night, all weather capability. If it is to be employed at night in an attack role, it must be fitted with a night targeting pod. This pod includes a FLIR, a millimeter wave radar, and an electro-optical sight takes up one of the underwing pylons. The Ka-50N, and Ka-52 are capable of performing attack missions in day/night, and all-weather conditions.
  • The French companies Thomson-CSF, and Sextant Avionique offer nav/attack systems, which can be fitted to export variants.
  • Main rotors and engines electrically deiced.
  • Infrared signature suppressors can be mounted on engine exhausts.
  • Radar warning receivers, IFF, chaff and flares.
  • Armored cockpit and self-sealing fuel tanks.
  • Pilot ejection system.
Crew 1 (pilots, 2 in Ka-52)
User Countries Preproduction in Russia. An initial fielding plan is for 2 per year for 14 years.

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