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Ka-25 Hormone

Country of Origin  
Role ASW, Rcce
  • A is ASW:
  • B is OTH targeting;
  • C is utility / SAR B and C are unarmed
Similar Aircraft  
Rotor Diameter 51 ft., 8 in. / 15.7m
Length 32 ft., 3 in. / 9.8m
Height 17 ft., 7 in. / 5.4m
Weight 16,100 lbs. / 7100kg
Engine 2 x 900 shp Glushnekov GTD-3
Maximum speed 137 mph / 220kph
Cruising speed / 195kph
Ceiling 3500 meters
Cruise range 216nm
In-Flight Refueling No
Internal Fuel na
Payload 600 kg
  • A: Dipping sonar; 3 sonobuoys, MAD, Mushroom radar, EO sensor estimated to be FLIR.
  • B: Big Bulge radar, ESM data link
Drop Tanks none
Armament E45-75A torp or B-1 DC. Nuclear DB
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