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Il-62 Classic - Variants

IL-62 with engines NK-8-2

The second test IL-62 with engines NK-8-2 with a take-off thrust of 9500 kgs. The first flight on 24 April 1964, is running a pilot test EI Kuznetsov. From the first machine and follow-IL-62, he differed over the deployment of a rare window into the passenger compartment step installation which was a doubling in addition have been installed new Ailerons improving lateral controllability of the aircraft. The NK-8-2 engines equipped the first production aircraft.

IL-62 with engines NK-8-4

On 13 machines NK-8-4 engines were installed with a take-off thrust of 10 500 kgs, motors housed in the gondola with a decrease of 1.4 m2 amidships. In addition, the new machines were introduced following new items: installed electrical system with variable currents; modified wings - instead of trailing conventional flats with rounded front edge; a new form characteristic of the projection on the front edge of the wing; the size of the entrance doors and escape hatches done in accordance with international standards to ensure that the characteristics of the aircraft and its equipment requirements of ICAO. The first flight was May 31, 1968. Subsequent serial aircraft IL-62 produced with the changes implemented in the 13th machines.


The first flights of Ilyushin Il-62 long-range routes identified by the emergence of demands for an increase of practical flight range of aircraft IL-62. In 1965, was designed version of the aircraft under the symbol Il-62D, which was to ensure the transportation of 70 passengers from Moscow to Havana via Murmansk. However, with engines NK-8-4, the task at that time was solved only through the deployment of additional fuel tanks with a total capacity of 30 000 liters in the rear of the passenger cabin. Measures were taken to ensure vzryvopozharobezopasnosti tanks, but SV Ilyushin considered it unacceptable that a solution to the problem of increasing flight range, and the draft Il-62D did not enter development.

IL-62M with engines D-30KU

On 13 October 1967, it was decided to hold the Government of the modified IL-62 through the use of engines D-30KU. Engines D-30KU set at 13-m serial airplanes in the design of which had been amended to improve its performance specifications and conditions of the crew. The finalized aircraft received the designation Il-62M. Work on the establishment of IL-62M were conducted under the supervision of GV Novozhilova.

A fuel tank-compartment capacity of 5000 liters was installed on the Il-62M. The new fairing keel junction with the horizontal wing expanded the range of angles of deviation stabilizer from 0 to -11. The plane was modified turbine unit TA-6A with the alternator; container shipping system, which, however, the operation had not received the application. In the crew cabin was installed a new dashboard, stepped wheel control plane and a new lighting system for the cab to the replacement of the red light on white. More sophisticated flight control and navigation system and automatic control system offers the Il-62M to carry out landing approach in terms of meteominimuma II category of ICAO. The first flight was on 13 March 1969.


Government resolution of 13 Oct., 1967 Design Bureau was requested to undertake a study on passenger aircraft of 250 seats. In accordance with the drafted aircraft IL-62M-250 for use on medium-length flights. A large passenger capacity of the modifications compared to the baseline IL-62M achieved an increase in the length of the fuselage Il-62M at 6.8 m. Due to heavy commercial load (25 000 ... 30 000 kg), was to increase and cost-effectiveness of such aircraft. However, IL-62M-250 with "narrow" normal body type did not solve the many problems associated with its use, and work on it was terminated.

IL-62M-200 (IL-62MA)

The development of this version of the aircraft was based on the growth in passenger traffic on main air routes USSR. The works were conducted in accordance with the decision of the Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR from September 8, 1969 to increase the passenger Il-62M. For the Il-62M-200 were designed layout options for 198 seats in economy class, 186 - and 161 in a tourist place in a mixed class. Passenger aircraft has been increased by withdrawing wardrobe and perekomponovki office compartments in the rear fuselage. In the interior design of passenger lounges Il-62M-200 was first applied the principles of "wide" interior and new, more advanced materials.

The aircraft IL-62M-200 was created on the basis of a test aircraft IL-62M in the form layout for 198 passenger seats with a new interior. In 1971 it was shown at 26 th International Air Show in Paris. The plane was long joint test, and ultimately the Ministry of Civil Aviation Authority considered that the layout for the 198 seats can not be accepted. Experience to increase passenger capacity and develop new interior Il-62M-200 was used in the creation of "wide" interior for serial Il-62M with a smaller passenger capacity.


The aircraft IL-62M had shown high economic efficiency in the operation of flights to the average length, such as Moscow - Tashkent. Under the government decision of 26 June 1974 in design bureau was drafted mid IL-62MK, takeoff and landing characteristics which would allow its use at airports with runways 2300-2600 m long with a relatively weak concrete surface. For the Il-62MK designed chassis with increasing distance between the wheels of carts in the transverse plane with a reduced pressure pneumatics and brake assist. At wing aircraft intended to install additional brake shields with their automatic point deviation in the plane touching the ground.

In connection with the increase in the number of landings in the operation of airlines an average length of amplified some elements of airframe design. The basic version of the layout of the aircraft was calculated on the deployment of 196 passengers in economy class, he had much in common with the layout and interior Il-62M-200. In connection with the increase in passenger Il-62MK has increased the number of emergency exits, improved rescue equipment. For IL-62MK has developed the necessary technical documentation, which was sent to the serial factory. However, the cause "drowned" in countless discussions, negotiation, meetings until August 1978, when there was a decision to begin work on the Il-62MK.


A significant increase in the proportion of air cargo services in Russia in the first half of 1990's identified a need of some airlines, which broke Aeroflot, the cargo aircraft IL-62M, converted from passenger cars. In this regard, the design bureau has developed technical documentation for such alterations. In the bow of the cargo aircraft fuselage on the left board set a large cargo door measuring 3,5 x2, 0 M. Paul cargo cabin floor oborudovalsya devices, which includes a ball-bar located in the zone of the cargo door and overhead roller track with steering and locks, including along the cabin. Ball panels and roller track set on a path of mounting passenger seats. The maximum payload weight carried, up to the hard pallet, was 22 300 kg. The difficult economic condition of the airlines are not allowed to realize this option aircraft.

IL-62 "Salon"

The high level of reliability of the aircraft IL-62 identified it (and later Il-62M) for use as a government aircraft to service high-ranking government and political figures USSR and the Russian Federation. These aircraft are equipped for the main passenger cabin. Salon consisted of lounges and spacious rooms for meetings, which have telephones, televisions and other equipment needed to work in flight. The main passenger cabin housed facilities for the escorts of passenger seats for staff and guards. They have a special link that allows contact with Moscow and other items from almost every country in the world. The aircraft IL-62 and IL-62M "Salon" served LI Brezhnev, MS Gorbachev, BN Yeltsin, government officials a number of foreign countries. In March 1997, the Il-96-300 "Salon" has become a presidential plane. Currently, besides the President of the Ilyushin-62 "Salon" serve high-ranking government of Russia.

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