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Il-18 Coot - Variants

IL-18 Salon - Aircraft for special transportation of high-ranking statesmen. The aircraft of this modification were repeatedly used by N. S. Khrushchev and L. I. Brezhnev. On April 14, 1961, IL-18 Salon (tail number USSR-75717) delivered Yu. A. Gagarin to Moscow after his historic flight into space. By orders of Aeroflot and foreign airlines, 10 variants of cabin layouts were developed (factory indices: 13A, 22A, 29A, 39A). In 1956-1969 About 20 Il-18B, Il-18V and Il-18D aircraft were converted into Salon options.

IL-18 - piston prototype. The first flight on August 17, 1946.

IL-18 - the first turboprop prototype. The cabin is designed for 75 passengers (65 + 10). The first flight on July 4, 1957.

IL-18-8A - the second prototype. It was distinguished by a wing with two connectors, an increased fuel supply, and a cabin layout. Made in 1958.

IL-18 "Strip" - Experienced with a complex of navigation and flight equipment, which allowed to carry out automatic flight along the entire trajectory. In 1965, 1 aircraft was converted.

IL-18A - The first production aircraft with NK-4 engines. Total serial built in 1958-59. 42 copies of the IL-18A. Due to the unreliable operation of the engine, from January 1959 the operation of Il-18A aircraft with NK-4 engines was discontinued. Later they were converted into IL-18B aircraft.

IL-18B - with AI-20 engines. It features a reinforced wing and chassis. Take-off weight increased to 61.2 tons. The first flight took place on September 30, 1959. In 1958-1959, 65 aircraft were manufactured. The previously released IL-18A has also been converted.

IL-18V - An improved layout aircraft with three passenger cabins. It was distinguished by AI-20K, APU TG-16 (TG-16A) engines, a reinforced fuselage, a passenger cabin for 84 (line-up "15A") or 89 (line-up "17A") passengers, the location of the entrance doors. Payload reduced to 13.5 tons. First flight December 10, 1959. In 1960-1965, 334 aircraft were manufactured.

IL-18V-26A (IL-18D) - Aircraft for long-haul flights. It was distinguished by an increased fuel supply, a comfortable cabin for 20 passengers, and additional flight and navigation equipment. In 1962, 3 aircraft were manufactured. It was used for flights to Antarctica.

IL-18Gr - Cargo. It differs in the absence of passenger equipment, reinforced floor, rail with a hoist on the ceiling of the cabin. The first flight was March 4, 1978. Since 1978, passenger aircraft that have not worked out their resources have been converted at aircraft repair plants.

IL-18GrM - Cargo modified. It is distinguished by the presence of a large cargo door in the port side, floor mechanization (layouts 41 and 42A). Designed in 1978. In 1990-1996, several IL-18D aircraft were converted.

IL-18D (the second with this designation) - distant. It was distinguished by an additional fuel tank in the center section, AI-20M engines, and the Put-4M flight-navigation system. The cabin is designed for 100-122 passengers (in winter 90-110 due to an increase in the capacity of wardrobes). Take-off weight increased to 64 tons. Developed in 1964. The first flight was July 31, 1964. In the years 1966-1969 produced 122 aircraft.

IL-18D "Pomor" - Aircraft fish reconnaissance. Converted 1 IL-18D.

IL-18DC "Cyclone" - Aircraft for meteorological research. The first flight on April 4, 1980.

IL-18DORR - Aircraft early warning of fish resources. The first flight in April 1985. Made 2 aircraft.

IL-18E - A machine with an increased number of seats (up to 100 ... 110) and a modified air conditioning system, interior decoration has also been improved. In 1965-1966, 23 aircraft were produced.

IL-18I - with increased flight range. It was distinguished by an additional tank in the center section of 6300 l, trim, the presence of life rafts and 2 ZIL refrigerators. Take-off weight increased to 64 tons. In 1960, 2 aircraft were built.

IL-18LL - Flying Laboratory. In the LII them. MM Gromov converted several aircraft.

IL-18RT (IL-18SIP) - Aircraft measuring station. He was distinguished by equipment for receiving and recording telemetric information, 15 workplaces of operators in the cabin. In 1964, 2 IL-18Vs were converted.

IL-18RTL - Prototype IL-20RT. It featured a large antenna fairing on top of the fuselage. Converted 1 IL-18 in 1971 at the LII them. M. M. Gromova.

IL-18S (IL-18-4A) - a cabin based on the IL-18A. Made in May 1958.

IL-18T (IL-18AT, BT, VT) - Transport and sanitary. Notable for the lack of armchairs, toilets and wardrobes. The first flight on February 29, 1960. Converted from passenger aircraft.

IL-18TD - Airborne transport. Made in 1 copy in 1968.

IL-18USH - Training navigator distinguished by 20 trainee navigators in the cabin. Designed in 1972. Converted several aircraft.

IL-20 - special-purpose aircraft (measuring complex). Designed in the years 1965-1968. The first flight was March 25, 1968.

IL-20M ("product 17") - aircraft electronic intelligence. Made 20 aircraft.

IL-20RT - aircraft measuring point. Developed since September 1978 for the military space forces. Made 4 aircraft.

IL-22 (IL-18D-36) - a long-range communications aircraft. It has been developed since September 1965.

IL-24N - ice reconnaissance aircraft. The first flight was June 12, 1979. Converted 2 aircraft.

IL-38 - anti-submarine. It has been developed since 1960. The first flight on September 27, 1961. In the years 1967-1972, 65 aircraft were manufactured.

IL-118 - modernized (project). It was distinguished by 2 prop-fan engines. In 1984, the Design Bureau (then MMZ Strela) proposed to modify the machine to the IL-118 version, equipping it with two engines with a capacity of 10,000 hp with coaxial screw-fan motors. Despite the expected significant improvement in flight performance of the aircraft, especially range and noise reduction, the civil aviation leadership did not accept this proposal, and the project remained on paper.

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